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The popular influencer Bella Dueñas has finally decided to share the truth behind her controversial content on social networks, where she appeared supposedly “possessed.”

Bella Dueñas, 27, is a content creator originally from Monterrey who has managed to stand out on social networks.

After months of uncertainty and speculation, Bella has bravely revealed the reason behind this transformation on her official TikTok account.

According to Dueñas, it all started one day when he went out to have coffee in a nearby shopping center. He related it this way:

“The day I completely lost control. It impacted me a lot, one day I went to a shopping center and I was having a coffee, literally we were just buying it and I was about to leave, and the people who take care of me when I go out, due to various things that have happened, were busy taking care of certain People, I don’t know when a woman told me, while I was taking a photo with another girl, she told me: “Oh, don’t let them cut your hair.”

As he continued to relate, upon arriving home: “I realized that he had cut a lock of my hair.” Dueñas began wearing wigs in public as a way to safeguard her hair from possible malicious cuts.

In addition, her personal insecurities due to the comments received on social networks led her to show an attitude and content that was far from her usual style. She admitted that this was not the normal way for her to act.

After revealing the real reason behind her behavior, Bella expressed her gratitude to those who supported her:

“I am very grateful to all the people who continue to support me, I have tried not to make strange content anymore, because if I feel a little better and I am going to try, I will continue receiving help and well, thank you very much, we will continue here as long as it can. I love you very much, thank you”

Despite this, the content creator recently mentioned that her old Tiktok account was deleted.

Public reaction on social networks

  • @Renata Mendoza: all for the sake of “I have you beautiful owners!!!!!”
  • @Karuma: Rest beautiful owners, rest! It’s time to leave the networks and dedicate yourself to healing
  • @RLLS: As you said it, people who loved you and admired you, you turned them against you with the content you started to make, every action has consequences

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