To remind you of the good reflexes in the event of a heat wave, the Red Cross represents a veiled woman and creates controversy on social networks – VIDEO

While this week, a heat wave, exceptional in its precocity, is falling on France, the French Red Cross has posted on its social networks a drawing to remind you of the good reflexes to adopt in the event of a heat wave: drink water, get in the shade and rest.

“Together, let’s adopt the right reflexes in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones”, can we read on the message. Very quickly, Internet users reacted to the association’s tweet. The reason ? One of the drawings represents a veiled woman. For many people, the French Red Cross promotes the veil.

“The Red Cross exploits the subject of the heat wave to participate in the promotion of Islamism, through the trivialization of the sexism of women’s veiling. This is typically the kind of poster that the Muslim Brotherhood could have produced” , says a user.

Shame on the authors of this visual which casually promotes the worst of communitarianisms: the enslavement of women to the patriarchal order”, writes Gilles Platret, vice-president LR, adding “you who help Humanity, do not encourage not those who want to submit it”.


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