Tobacco-free month 2023, here we go!

2023-11-01 09:00:55

In France, 57% of smokers say they want to quit smoking. But quitting alone is often difficult. The Mois Sans Tabac operation, organized since 2016, is an opportunity to get started collectively, while being accompanied by smoking cessation professionals. Explanations.

Registrations open from 1is October for Tobacco Free Month

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, Public Health France and Health Insurance are organizing the 8th consecutive year the Tobacco Free Month operation. Since its creation in France, more than a million smokers have registered to try to quit smoking on this occasion. The objective of Month Without Tobacco is to collectively initiate one month of smoking cessation for all smokers who want to quit but have not yet dared to take the plunge.

Data collected during previous editions showed that successfully quitting smoking for 30 days increased the chances of successfully quitting smoking by 5. To participate, smokers are invited from 1is October to register on the dedicated website. On the site, smokers find a multitude of advice. Following their registration, they receive at their home a smoking cessation aid kit with a 40-day program, personalized advice and support solutions.

Registrations on the rise after Covid-19

Registration for Mois Sans Tabac also includes a free consultation with a smoking cessation professional. However, support from a professional is a guarantee of success. To avoid being alone during this period, registered people have access to the community who have decided to quit, with whom they can exchange advice, tips, but also doubts. The Tabac Info Services telephone number 39 89 is also available free of charge for support whenever necessary. The Tabac Info Service coaching application can also be downloaded for free.

In 2022, after a drop in registrations in 2020 and 2021 linked to the Covid-19 health crisis, registrations were up with more than 160,000 registered, or 1.4% of French daily smokers. In a general way, women and people aged 25 to 44 More people are trying the Tobacco-Free Month operation. While smokers can register individually, many professional partners are participating in the operation and encouraging their employees to participate in Mois sans tobacco. The operation is also relayed in shopping centers with Tobacco Free Month stands.

A widely publicized operation

On the communication side, the key message to remember for this 8th edition is “You weren’t alone when you started. You won’t be alone in quitting.” From October 2 to November 5, 2023, a 30-second television spot will be broadcast on national channels. This spot depicts the different periods of a smoker’s life, from the moment he smoked his first cigarette to the moment he quits smoking for good. At the same time, five 30-second radio spots will be broadcast on radio waves between October 25 and November 21, 2023.

A poster campaign in pharmacies is also being carried out throughout the month of October, but also in shopping centers, train stations and local shops. Online videos, posts on social networks and banners on numerous platforms complete the communication system so that no one misses this Tobacco Free Month operation. Already several tens of thousands of people had registered for this 8th edition of Mois Sans Tabac as of the date of writing of this article, October 23, 2023.

Estelle B., Doctor of Pharmacy


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