Today at Apple gains programming focused on small businesses

2024-04-24 14:10:37

Apple announced today a new program for the Today at Apple focused on small businesses that will show how the company’s products can help them grow. Free of charge, these sessions will be conducted in Apple Stores around the world and led by entrepreneurs who already use products such as iPhones, iPads and Macs in their organizations.

Apple’s senior vice president of retail, Deirdre O’Briencommented on the initiative in a press release released recently:

At Apple, we know that small businesses are the backbone of local communities, which is why we’re constantly innovating to help at every stage of their growth. Our retail stores offer exclusive Apple experiences like community and educational sessions, programming Today at Apple free and ongoing support from in-store experts who help small businesses find the perfect technology to supercharge their work.

The kickoff of this program, titled “Made for Business” (“Made for Business”, in good Portuguese), will take place in the United States, during the so-called National Small Business Week. There will be six sessions in total throughout the month of May in stores in the cities of Chicago, Miami, New York, Washington, DC and San Francisco.

One of the businesses invited to lead these sessions was Mozzeria, a pizzeria in the American capital run by people with hearing impairments. According to Apple, they will show how the company’s accessibility features helped them deliver “a warm, memorable, and visually captivating experience of deaf culture.”

Apple also took the opportunity to highlight some of its services focused on entrepreneurs, such as Apple Business Connect, Apple Business Essentials and Tap to Pay, as well as its teams of employees dedicated to serving companies in Apple Stores, known as Business Pros and Business Experts.

If you are interested in participating in any of these sessions, you can express your interest on this page. More sessions will be announced throughout this year.

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