Today, There Is A 1999 Asteroid RM45 Late Near Earth and Perige Moon Page all – This afternoon, Tuesday (2/3/2021) The National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan) and astronomers said that there would be two interesting phenomena present in the Indonesian sky.

Second celestial phenomenon these are Asteroid 1999 RM45 passes near the earth and perige bulan the first issue of March 2021 took place. Here’s the explanation.

1. Asteroid 1999 RM45

Indonesian amateur astronomer Marufin Sudibyo said that Asteroid 1999 RM45 passing near Earth on Tuesday March 2, 2021.

Marufin explained, Asteroid 1999 RM45 was found in 1999, has a diameter of 408 m.

This asteroid is also classified as asteroid near-earth class Apollo so it has an orbit that could tangent to Earth’s orbit.

“On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, this asteroid will pass near the Earth in a distance of 7.7 times the average Earth-Moon distance, or the equivalent of 3 million kilometers,” Marufin told, Monday (1/3/2021) .

This asteroid does not have the potential to collide with Earth, at least until the next century.

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2. Perige Bulan

Moon perige is a configuration when the Moon is closest to Earth.

Researcher from the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space Science Center (Lapan), Andi Pangerang said that the moon’s perige was caused by the moon’s elliptical orbit with Earth located at one of the focal points of the orbit.

As for, perige Bulan occurs every 27 one-third of the day on average with intervals of two adjacent lunar periods varying from 24 5 per 8 to 28 half days.

Andi, in his written statement on the Lapan science education page, said that the Moon Perige in March 2021 will occur twice.

The first occurred today on March 2, 2021 at 12.26 WIB, 12.26 WIT, 14.26 WIT with a distance of 365,399 kilometers from Earth (geocentric), 89.1 percent illumination and around the Virgo constellation.

“Meanwhile, the second month perige occurred on March 30,” said Andi.

To note, actually since last night, namely 2015 local time (1/3/2021) perige This month can be seen from the east culminating in the south at 02.10 in the morning this morning (2/3/2021).

Well, for today, after sunset this morning at 08.10 local time, tonight it will happen again at 21.00 local time from the east.

For the perige Moon tonight will culminate in the south at 03.00 local time, and set in the west at around 09.00 local time, Wednesday (3/3/2021).

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ratpack223 Asteroid illustration

Another phenomenon

Previously, in the news on, Monday (1/3/2021) it was stated that there would still be the Mars and Pleiades conjunction until March 9, as well as the triple Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn conjunction until March 17.

The Mars-Pleiades conjunction can be seen in the west-northwest direction, at sea twilight which is 42 minutes after sunset.

Meanwhile, the triple Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn conjunction can be seen from the east-southeast direction at astronomical dawn (Sun altitude -18º).

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