Today’s horoscope, Saturday December 31. Free daily horoscope about health, love and work.

Live in the present trusting in the future, Aries, and tonight do your New Year’s ritual. If you want to bond with your boy, Taurus, put a gold ring in the toast glass. That friend who has invited you to spend the chimes together, Gemini, could become your better half. Enjoy the magical night calmly, Cancer, without anxieties that disturb you. If you want to attract love, Leo, take a red item or item with you tonight. Eliminate all old or damaged things from your home today, Virgo, make room for energy. If you want your wishes to come true, Libra, light a red candle tonight. Tonight give yourself permission to do everything you want, Scorpio, you deserve it. Today, Sagittarius, during the day or at night you will come across someone very special. Keep your affections balanced, Capricorn, everything will work out just fine for you. If you wear a white garment tonight, Aquarius, your good luck will be enhanced. Today your relationship as a couple will strengthen, Pisces, you will live a magical night.

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