Today’s horoscope, Sunday, January 1 on health, love and work. Your free daily prediction.

Try to be prepared to accept changes, Aries, you will get great benefits from them. Keep your plot of personal independence, Taurus, but pay attention to your partner. Although now love does not have the stability that you would like, Gemini, it will have it very soon. You enter a stage of happiness and prosperity, Cancer, your life will revolve around love. A round day awaits you, Leo, surrounded by happiness and with enough money. Think today about what you need to be better, Virgo, you will achieve it. Remember, Libra, that sincerity is not incompatible with diplomacy, don’t be abrupt. A stage of social triumph awaits you, Scorpio, you will be more than requested. It’s time to make a clean slate, Sagittarius, forget about the differences you have had with your boy. Try to show your partner today the love you feel for him, Capricorn, you both need it. Don’t take things so seriously Aquarius, de-dramatize everything that is not important. If you are going through a relationship crisis, Pisces will be a healer and your relationship will be strengthened.

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