world Today's news: Martial carnival costume triggers police action

Today’s news: Martial carnival costume triggers police action


The most important messages at a glance:

  • Almost 32,000 deportations failed in 2019 (4:51 p.m.)
  • Mardi Gras costume triggers police operation (3:24 pm)
  • Activists board Paris Blackrock headquarters (1:48 p.m.)
  • Austria: Allegations of abuse against doctor (11:57 a.m.)
  • Tyrol: German skier dies after an accident at 10:23 p.m.)

You can find all the news about the CDU crisis in our extra ticker.

All news about storm depth “Sabine” can be found here in our extra ticker.

The news of the day:

+++ 16.51 PM: Almost 32,000 deportations failed in 2019 +++

The proportion of failed deportations rose again in 2019. As the Federal Ministry of the Interior announced on request, 31,974 out of 57,005 returns were canceled last year. 25,031 deportations and transfers back to the EU country responsible for the asylum procedure were successful. In 29,029 cases, it failed last year because the announced persons were not handed over to the federal police by the state authorities. A further 2945 retransferments had to be canceled because the foreigner resisted or the pilot refused to take him with him.

One reason for the high number of failed deportations in the view of the Federal Ministry of the Interior is the insufficient number of detention centers. Most federal states make no use of the possibility created in 2019 to temporarily create deportation detention centers – also geographically separated – in prisons.

+++ 16.44 PM: color attack on the house of Hamburg AfD top candidate +++

At night, unknown people threw bottles filled with paint at the home of top Hamburg candidate Dirk Nockemann. Windows were damaged and the facade of the apartment building in Hamburg-Lohbrügge was dirty, said a police spokesman. The bottle throwers escaped undetected. The state security had started the investigation. The police are looking for witnesses. A letter of confession appeared on the Internet, referring among other things to the election of prime minister in Thuringia.

AfD head of state and parliamentary group Nockemann is the top candidate in the state election on February 23. He described the act as a “cowardly attack on our democracy”. At the same time, he accused the red-green Senate of “cuddle policy” with left-wing extremists.

+++ 16.24 PM: Chinese military aircraft briefly penetrate Taiwan’s airspace +++

According to Taipei, China’s armed forces have caused a significant provocation for the first time since the reelection of independence advocate Tsai Ing-wen as president of Taiwan. The Ministry of Defense in Taipei said that several Chinese military aircraft flew briefly in Taiwan’s airspace. A Chinese H-6 bomber and a support plane would have briefly crossed a “center line” of the Taiwan Strait. The People’s Republic aircraft returned to Chinese airspace after Taiwanese fighter jets “took appropriate response and interception measures and issued warnings about leaving the airspace.”

It was only the second time since March 2019 that Chinese planes crossed the widely respected line that divides Taiwan and China in the strait. Beijing sees Taiwan as a breakaway province and has stepped up its military demonstrations of power around the island since Tsai took office in 2016. Tsai’s clear victory in her re-election in January caused anger in China.

+++ 15.56 PM: Deadly house explosion in NRW possibly deliberately caused +++

The explosion in Lienen in North Rhine-Westphalia, in which a 19-year-old fireman was killed on Saturday, may have been caused deliberately. This is indicated by the first results of intensive investigations from the weekend, as the Munster prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt announced. The investigation is still at the beginning.

The 19-year-old was killed in an explosion in a residential building and four other firefighters were injured. In the basement of the house, the investigators found a gas bottle from which gas had probably leaked. “The residential building is in danger of collapsing and cannot currently be entered,” said the head of the homicide commission, Frank Schneemann. This complicates the crime scene and the search for clues. The investigators hoped for further information about the background from the questioning of witnesses and the first clues that the police are investigating.

+++ 15.24 PM: Martial carnival costume triggers police action +++

Not funny at all: Because of his martial carnival costume, a 22-year-old triggered a police operation in Karlsruhe. The police reported that the man, who was equipped with two “rifles”, got on a light rail in a protective vest modeled on the FBI investigative agency. Witnesses alerted the police who arrested the 22-year-old at a downtown stop. The weapons later turned out to be a toy gun and airsoft rifle. When the man was searched, the officials found that they still had ammunition for the airsoft weapon and two pocket knives. He is now awaiting notification of a violation of the weapons law.

+++ 15.12 clock: legendary snow festival in Sapporo this time without own snow +++

It is the event of the year for all ice sculpture lovers in Japan – but this time the snow festival in Sapporo in northern Japan has to do without its own snow. “This lack of snow has never been seen before,” said Yumato Sato of the organizing committee. “We had to get the snow from more distant areas than ever before.” Among other things, tens of thousands of tons of ice and snow were transported to Sapporo from Niseko, 60 kilometers away.

The Sapporo Snow Festival is extremely popular in Japan. It had visited 2.7 million people last year. This year there were again around 200 giant sculptures – each of them required an average of 30,000 tons of snow from elsewhere. And according to Sato, it shouldn’t be just any snow: “The snow mustn’t contain any dirt, otherwise the sculptures may break.”

+++ 14.51 PM: woman gives birth to baby with waitress help in a restaurant +++

A pregnant woman gave birth to her baby in a restaurant in Oberhausen – without a doctor, but with the help of a waitress and the owner of the restaurant. While a hit party was in full swing on Sunday night, the girl was born on the locked toilet facility, as owner Sarah Terhorst told the German Press Agency today. The baby was already there before the emergency doctor and ambulance arrived. “The little girl is called Angelina, we gave her freshly bathed to the emergency doctor.”

The two spontaneous obstetricians were supported by the waiter, Terhorst said. “He always went back and forth and brought us fresh towels.” The mother and child are well and should leave the hospital tomorrow. At first the celebrating guests would have noticed nothing. It was only when the emergency doctor came that the story circulated. “The mother and her baby got the applause of their lives,” said Terhorst.

+++ 14.40 clock: weather in Germany remains stormy +++

Even after pulling low “Sabine” it remains stormy in Germany. As the German Weather Service announced in Offenbach, Hessen, stormy gusts and showers can still be expected for tomorrow and Wednesday. As of Thursday, the wind should also refresh from the west again to storm strengths. Overall, therefore, very uncomfortable weather with heavy rain showers and thunderstorms is also predicted, and snow at higher altitudes. Since yesterday the storm fronts of the low “Sabine” have swept over Germany, the south was still directly affected today. “Sabine” has already pulled through in the north and in the middle. According to the weather service, there were still thunderstorms with gusts of wind.

All news about storm depth “Sabine” can be found here in our extra ticker.

+++ 14.35 p.m .: Federal Network Agency prohibits telephone information on the number 11830 +++

The Federal Network Agency has ordered the deactivation of the information number 11830 of the Frankfurt provider First Telecom. As the authority said, the provider of information services violated price transparency requirements. “To protect consumers from unjustified claims”, the company is therefore no longer allowed to charge connection costs to former customers or collect invoice amounts. In the case of “extensive” investigations as a result of consumer complaints, the Federal Network Agency stated, “that a referral via the information service number 11830 often took place without a correct price announcement for the referral,” and was accordingly advertised unclearly. In addition, requirements for the use of holding patterns were not met.

+++ 2.30 p.m .: crane boom comes loose – two workers seriously injured +++

Two workers were seriously injured during crane work in Schönefeld near Berlin. According to the first findings of the police, the boom of a crane had come loose and fell on the two men. The workers, aged 45 and 57, were taken to surrounding clinics by rescue helicopters. At first, a police spokesman could not say whether the crane accident occurred in connection with hurricane “Sabine”. The Office for Occupational Safety and Health has carried out further investigations.

+++ 14.29 PM: Five Turkish soldiers killed in Idlib +++

Five Turkish soldiers have been killed in the Syrian rebel province of Idlib. “Five of our heroic brothers-in-arms became martyrs as a result of intense artillery fire from the (Syrian) regime on February 10, 2020, five of our brothers-in-arms were injured,” said a statement from Ankara. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s communications director tweeted: “The attack was rewarded with the same. The enemy targets were immediately destroyed, so the blood of our martyrs was not left unpunished.”

Turkey supports rebels in the civil war. It had agreed with Russia, as the Syrian government’s protecting power, on a de-escalation zone for Idlib and had set up twelve observation posts there. Nevertheless, the Syrian military is on the advance in Idlib and has announced big gains in the terrain.

+++ 13.48 PM: activists invade Parisian Blackrock headquarters +++

Activists have occupied the Paris headquarters of the asset manager Blackrock. They built barricades at noon and blocked the main entrance. The police were on site with a large contingent, the street in front of the headquarters was cordoned off. Demonstrators outside the building chanted slogans against French President Emmanuel Macron and sang union songs. Videos on the net showed that walls were smeared in the building.

Blackrock has become a kind of enemy during the strikes and protests against pension reform – opponents of reform believe that the world’s largest wealth manager has benefited from Macron’s reform plans and influenced them. Blackrock denies this. France has been demonstrating against pension reform since the beginning of December. The aim of the reform is, among other things, to end the fragmentation into more than 40 individual systems and to create a universal point system.

+++ 13.38 PM: According to the study, six million citizens will still have to pay solos in 2021 +++

Even after the solidarity surcharge was largely abolished in early 2021, according to a study, around six million citizens still have to pay the tax. 900,000 people with particularly high incomes would have to continue paying the solos in full and some 2.8 million in part, according to a study by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research, from which the “Handelsblatt” reports. In addition, there are an estimated 2.2 million workers, pensioners and the self-employed who do not pay high income tax, but capital gains tax, on which the solos continue to be levied. In addition, around 500,000 companies would have to continue paying corporate tax solos in 2021.

The current legal situation is that the solidarity surcharge will no longer apply to 90 percent of taxpayers from 2021. It will be reduced for a further 6.5 percent.

+++ 1.30 p.m .: Bahn is looking for 25,000 new employees – 5,000 additional jobs +++

Deutsche Bahn plans to hire around 25,000 new employees in Germany this year. Deducting those who retire or leave the company for other reasons, there will still be 5,000 employees in Germany, a spokeswoman said on Monday. The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported. The occupational groups for which a particularly large number of new appointments are planned include train drivers, dispatchers or track maintenance personnel. Bus drivers, service employees at train stations, IT specialists and engineers are also sought.

+++ 13.08 PM: two children die in a boat accident off Phuket in Thailand +++

Two children died in a boat accident off the vacation island of Phuket in Thailand. The twelve and six-year-old Russian siblings were killed in the collision of two boats near the jetty, a government official said on Phuket. 21 other Russian tourists were injured, two of them seriously. “The cause of the accident was that the two boats were driving too fast,” the authorities said.

+++ 12.55 p.m .: Child murder shakes Spain: Couple is said to have thrown baby in the river +++

A case of alleged child murder shakes Spain. A couple are said to have thrown their newborn into a river near Palencia in the northern region of Castile and León shortly after delivery. Forces had found the boy’s body on the bottom of the Carrión River, the National Police said in Palencia. The 23-year-old mother and her 29-year-old partner were arrested, said a spokesman for the German Press Agency

+++ 12.38 PM: Federal government against stricter EU climate regulations for cars +++

For the time being, Berlin does not want stricter climate protection regulations for car fleets in the EU – neither does Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD). “We only got new exhaust gas values ​​last year, they are very ambitious,” said a spokesman for Schulzes in Berlin. “They stand.” The Ministry of Environment does not need to renegotiate. It will be discussed with all member states whether the European Union’s “Green Deal” climate protection strategy also includes new limit values ​​as part of an overall package.

A spokeswoman for Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) also referred to the recent tightening. Planning security is now needed so that the restructuring process can take place in the economic sectors.

+++ 12.27 PM: Ramelow wants to hold prime minister election next week +++

The left-wing politician Bodo Ramelow is aiming to be re-elected as prime minister in Thuringia by the week after next. He relied on “clear agreements” with parts of the CDU parliamentary group, said Ramelow in Erfurt. Another standstill in Thuringia is “irresponsible to the state”.

After the resignation of his controversial successor Thomas Kemmerich (FDP), the Thuringian left wants Ramelow only as a candidate if there are democratic majorities for his election. State and faction leader Susanne Hennig-Wellsow asked the CDU to vote for Ramelow in the first ballot. The previous coalition partners Linke, SPD and Greens do not have their own majority in the Erfurt state parliament. In the prime ministerial election, you are dependent on at least four votes from the CDU and FDP in the first two ballots.

+++ 12.10 PM: Federal President’s Office accidentally congratulates Tehran +++

Embarrassing mistake by the Federal President’s Office: The embassy in Tehran sent the Iranian government a congratulatory telegram from President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on the Iranian national holiday, although Steinmeier did not want to congratulate him this year on political developments in Iran, a spokeswoman for the President’s Office said. Due to an “error by the Federal President’s Office, the prepared text was sent to Iran by the embassy on February 5, too early and without the approval of the Federal President”. This “only became known after the Federal President’s decision of February 7, to send no telegram this year, was passed on to the embassy as a directive via the Federal Foreign Office.” The ambassador then “informed the Iranian side on February 8 that there would be no telegram from the Federal President this year and that the text would have been inadvertently sent without the final approval of the Federal President,” said the spokeswoman.

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World News :

+++ 11.57 PM: doctor in Austria accused of abuse of 109 adolescents +++

A doctor has been charged in Austria with alleged abuse of 109 children and adolescents. According to the public prosecutor’s office in Wels, 40 of his patients were said to be less than 14 years old. In addition to the “sometimes serious sexual abuse”, the urologist is accused of inciting people to shoot porn videos of minors. He is said to have taken a pornographic photo of an eight-year-old. He is also said to have provided children and young people with cannabis. According to an expert report, at least three of his victims have suffered “serious consequential damage”.

According to the public prosecutor, the 57-year-old was diagnosed with pedophilia “that reached the level of a serious mental disorder”. The man faces up to 15 years in prison. “Due to the prognosis that the accused could again commit criminal acts with serious consequences, in addition to the conviction, he was also requested to be placed in an institution,” said the public prosecutor.

+++ 10.46 clock: Russian police stop punk band Pussy Riot with a new video shoot +++

The Russian police have stopped the punk band Pussy Riot from filming a new government-critical video called “Rage”. In the Lenfim cinema studio in St. Petersburg, the electricity was turned off after an intervention by the officials, said the musician Nadeschda Tolokonnikowa. The 30-year-old wrote on Twitter that the video was illegal because it propagated homosexuality and was extremist. The punksong is about resistance against those in power in Russia and against police violence.

The punk band released a video of the police operation and criticized the lack of freedom of art and speech in Russia. Nevertheless, Pussy Riot still wants to shoot the video. “We are now collecting money for new filming – and I am convinced that we can get it together,” said the artist.

+++ 10.34 PM: trans woman in Berlin insulted and injured with pepper spray +++

Two strangers insulted a trans woman in Berlin and injured her with pepper spray. The two young men insulted the 51-year-old in a subway yesterday with homophobic sayings and threatened to light her hair with a lighter, the police said today. One of the suspects then sprayed pepper spray in her eyes. Before the strangers left the train at a subway station, they spat on the 51-year-old. Other passengers immediately took care of the trans woman and rinsed her eyes with water. Treatment in a hospital was not necessary. The police secured the video footage from the subway and opened an investigation into dangerous bodily harm and insult.

+++ 10.23 PM: skier from Baden-Württemberg dies after accident in Tyrol +++

A German skier has had a fatal accident in the Austrian Alps. The 48-year-old had left the slopes yesterday afternoon in the See ski area in the Tyrolean district of Landeck for an unknown cause and crashed into a group of trees, reports the Austrian news agency APA, citing the police. The man was left with serious injuries in a sloping forest area. Attempts to resuscitate paramedics who happened to ski in the area failed, the report said. The slope rescue could not help either. The German died at the scene of the accident.

+++ 9.38 clock: storm in France: tens of thousands of households without electricity +++

All news about storm depth “Sabine” can be found here in our extra ticker.

Because of the storm’s low, tens of thousands of households in France are without electricity. The storm, which is called “Ciara” in France and not “Sabine” as in Germany, has led to power cuts in around 130,000 households in northern and eastern France and in the greater Paris area, the network operator Enedis said. In northern and eastern France, numerous connections with regional trains have been canceled.

For more than 30 departments, the increased alert prepared by the Météo-France weather service continued. According to media reports, around 50 flights were canceled at the capital’s airports, Charles de Gaulle and Orly. Accordingly, there were delays in handling. Flights were also canceled at the airports in Caen, Lille and Brest. “Ciara” hit France’s coast yesterday. The gusts of wind hit the east on Monday night with regions like Alsace and Lorraine.

+++ 9.30 a.m .: AKK waives chancellor candidacy and soon wants to give up CDU presidency +++

The CDU chairwoman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer does not want to become candidate for chancellor of the Union and will give up the CDU chair in the foreseeable future. She wanted “to organize the process of being the Chancellor in summer, to prepare the party for the future and then to give up the party chair”, CDU circles said. In the Presidium, Kramp-Karrenbauer said that there was “an unsettled relationship between parts of the CDU with AfD and the Left”. Kramp-Karrenbauer said that it was “strictly against cooperation with the AfD and the Left”. In addition, it was “obvious to them that party presidency and chancellorship as well as candidate for chancellor belong in one hand,” it said. That is why she therefore declared that she was not aiming to become chancellor. A CDU spokesman in Berlin confirmed, according to the news agency DPA Kramp-Karrenbauer’s waiver of a candidate for chancellor.

State Parliament in Thuringia: AKK: Existing parliament can bring clear conditions

+++ 9.17 a.m .: Illegal car race ends with accident – toddler in the car +++

A woman was injured in an illegal car race in Schweinfurt last night. A two-year-old child, who was also in one of the cars involved, was not injured. According to the police, a 35-year-old had a race with a 28-year-old driver. When one of the two tried to cut in again after a failed attempt to overtake, the two cars collided. The 35-year-old’s passenger was injured in the accident, lost consciousness and was hospitalized. According to police, both parties argued loudly after the accident. Investigators are now looking for witnesses to the race.

+++ 8.31 clock: tenth record for overnight stays for Germany in a row +++

Germany is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Last year, 495.6 million overnight stays counted more than ever before. It was the tenth record of overnight stays in a row, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden. The increase compared to 2018 was 3.7 percent, with the number of overnight stays by domestic guests (+3.9 percent) increasing slightly more than that of foreigners (+2.5 percent).

Since 2009, the number of overnight stays by guests has increased by more than a third. In this range, the number of foreigners (+64 percent) increased significantly more than among domestic guests (+29.3 percent). The industry has long benefited from the fact that trips to Germany are trendy. There are also business travelers and trade fair guests. The Wiesbaden statisticians take account of accommodation establishments with at least ten beds in their calculations.

+++ 8.02 clock: Israel’s air force reacts with shelling to rocket attack from Gaza +++

Israel’s conflict with militant Palestinians in the Gaza Strip continues to worsen. After a new rocket attack from the Palestinian region on the Mediterranean, the Israeli Air Force again attacked targets of the ruling Hamas there at night. This included a training facility and military facilities in the southern Gaza Strip, the Israeli army said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday threatened “a devastating operation against the terrorist organizations in Gaza”. One would “not accept any aggression from Gaza”. He recalled the targeted killing of the military chief of Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Baha Abu Al Ata, by the Israeli Air Force last November.

+++ 7.04 clock: people in the lift in panic – fire brigade must in the hurricane on high-rise roof +++

All news about storm depth “Sabine” can be found here in our extra ticker.

In gusts of wind with hurricane strength, firefighters in Mönchengladbach had to climb onto the roof of a high-rise building – and were almost blown down. An elevator got stuck in the building during the storm night. The three trapped people were increasingly panicked, said the fire department in the morning. In order to free them, emergency personnel had to go over the roof into the machine room – but that was extremely dangerous at the wind speeds. The firefighters should have tied themselves down to avoid being blown off the roof. In the end, however, they were able to free the people from the elevator.

+++ 6.59 clock: European probe “Solar Orbiter” successfully started +++

The European solar probe “Solar Orbiter” was successfully launched at night from the Cape Canaveral spaceport in the US state of Florida. Daniel Müller from the European Space Agency ESA spoke of a picture book start. Suddenly you have the feeling that you are really connected to the entire solar system, said Müller. The first decisive phase of the mission, the deployment of the sun sails, went “quite smoothly”, as the head of the ESA space control center Rolf Densing said in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin”. With the help of the sun sails, the probe receives enough energy for its journey.

Scientists expect unprecedented insight into the mysterious world of the sun from the joint mission of ESA and the US space agency Nasa. In addition, the probe will help ESA to better predict space weather fronts that are dangerous for Earth.

+++ 6.04 clock: start for 5G mobile radio at petrol stations in Europe +++

With the fifth generation of 5G mobile communications, petrol stations are now also to be networked on a large scale. The telecommunications provider Vodafone and the French energy company Total today went online in Düsseldorf and Erfurt with the first two 5G filling stations in Europe. At the gas stations networked with 5G, customers will in future be able to pay directly at the petrol pump. In addition, a fast local cell phone network (WLAN) should be made available to them. Total operates around 1200 petrol stations in Germany.

+++ 5.32 PM: Oscar for the best film goes to satire “Parasite” from South Korea +++

The South Korean film “Parasite” won the Oscar for Best Film of the Year. The black comedy by director Bong Joon Ho was awarded the most important film award in the world in Hollywood – as the first foreign language film in Oscar history. In total, “Parasite” won four Oscars.

+++ 5.03 PM: police find hundreds of perpetrators by facial recognition +++

Police officers in Germany are already finding hundreds of alleged perpetrators using a facial recognition program. According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, tens of thousands of searches are carried out each year. The BKA did not disclose how high the success rate was in 2019 on request. According to the federal government, the federal police alone did some 1200 searches in the BKA’s facial recognition system in the first half of 2019 and identified 219 people.

In Bavaria, where the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) sees itself as a pioneer in facial recognition, the number of suspected criminals identified using the program has more than doubled – from 146 in 2018 to 387 in the past year. For comparison: In 2010 there were only ten successful cases, as can be seen from the figures from the Bavarian LKA. And the tendency continues to rise: In January 2020 alone, according to the chief crime director Bernhard Egger in Bavaria, 55 identities were cleared using an algorithm.

+++ 4.27 PM: Russia counts its polar bears +++ for the first time

In the midst of growing concern from climate and animal rights activists for polar bears, Russia has for the first time counted the entire population on its territory. The aim of the largest monitoring in history is to get an overview of the situation of the endangered predators and to create conditions for their population to recover. This was announced by the Kremlin and the Ministry of Nature Conservation in Moscow. The research project will drag on until 2023, it said.

The polar bear, which is one of the largest predators on land, is native to the northern polar regions. Its habitat stretches across the Arctic Ocean, bordered by five countries – in addition to Russia, the United States, Canada, Norway and Greenland, which belongs to Denmark. Due to the melting of the ice in the Arctic as a result of global warming, climate and animal rights activists are constantly warning that the habitat for polar bears is shrinking.

Bremerhaven: polar bear twins born in the zoo by the sea.

+++ 4.03 clock: order boom brings parcel industry further increasing sales +++

The booming online trade is a grateful trend for the parcel industry, which allows sales to grow further. The service providers in Germany generated 18.78 billion euros last year, according to figures from the Federal Network Agency, which are available from the German Press Agency. The tendency has been increasing for years: in the previous year the total revenue was 17.66 billion euros. The biggest increase is in packages. Express and courier deliveries, which also influence sales, stagnate largely at a similar level.

Deutsche Post is dominant in the industry with a share of around 70 percent. Competitors are Hermes, UPS or DPD. Swiss Post took back a parcel postage that was only introduced at the beginning of the year under pressure from the Federal Network Agency. The authority criticized the increased prices in terms of competition as excessive. From May, the same package prices will apply to private customers as before.

+++ 3.43 a.m .: Daimler apparently wants to cut up to 15,000 jobs +++

According to a media report, the German car maker Daimler wants to cut up to 15,000 jobs. Daimler boss Ola Källenius should present the plans for his austerity tomorrow, as the “Handelsblatt” reported, citing corporate groups. According to the company, the company plans to use severance payments, early retirement and partial retirement to separate itself from its employees. More than 1.4 billion euros are to be saved. It had previously been rumored that 10,000 cuts were to be deleted. According to the newspaper, Daimler did not comment on this.

+++ 2.32 PM: storms and rain rage in fire-ridden Australia +++

Heavy storms and rains have triggered floods and landslides in eastern Australia. The weather agency issued a severe weather warning for the entire coastal region of the state of New South Wales. In parts of the state, the risk of flooding was life-threatening, it was said. Some low-lying suburbs of Sydney, the state’s capital, had to be evacuated. The city hadn’t seen as much rain since the 1990s. According to the weather authority, 391.6 millimeters of precipitation had fallen there in the last four days. Around 140,000 households in Sydney and the surrounding area had temporarily no electricity at night. The power supply was restored in the morning.

Since September, bushfires in eastern Australia have burned down millions of hectares. Some fires have been extinguished by the heavy rains of the past few days.

1.54 p.m .: Buttigieg also sees further Iowa results among delegates in front +++

After the chaotic preselection of the US Democrats in Iowa, the state is expected to send 14 national delegates for ex-mayor Pete Buttigieg to the nomination convention in the summer – two more than for left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders. This emerges from further results that the Democratic Party published in Iowa. Sanders will receive twelve delegates, third placed Elizabeth Warren eight, former Vice President Joe Biden six and Amy Klobuchar one. All candidates hope for their party’s nomination for next November’s presidential election.

Pete Buttigieg speaks at a campaign appearance in New Hampshire.

+++ 1.04 clock: FDP complains of attacks in Thuringia all over Germany +++

After the prime minister election in Thuringia, representatives of the FDP are exposed to numerous hostilities, according to the Federal Party. “There has been vandalism against facilities, threats and attacks across Germany,” the FDP headquarters in Berlin told the “Tagesspiegel”. For example, the FDP politician Karoline Preisler had to flee in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania after an attack with fireworks together with her daughter.

CDU: Mike Mohring - For the time being, no new election in Thuringia

FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich was elected Prime Minister of Thuringia on Wednesday in the state parliament in Erfurt – also by the AfD, whose faction is led by party right wing Björn Höcke. Kemmerich was then massively criticized for accepting the election, which he would not have won without the AfD’s votes. He later resigned, but is still managing director. A party spokesman told the “Tagesspiegel” that Kemmerich received personal protection around the clock. “His family is also threatened and needs to be protected.” Kemmerich’s wife was spat on on the street.


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