“Token X” “ICO Portal” Service Lets “YSSP Aggregate” Explore Digital Tokens

Ms. Chittinan Chatsiharat Chief Executive Officer Token X Company Limited (Token X) Affiliates of SCB TEN EX Co., Ltd. or SCB 10X It was revealed that the digital token offering (ICO Portal) business is one of the key driving forces that will help drive “SCB X Group” can achieve the goal of the mothership strategy in laying the foundation for the financial world of the future. As an ICO Portal provider, the company hopes to be able to offer digital token issuers a new and efficient fundraising option. which access to capital is important to drive the business to grow exponentially (Exponential Growth).

More and more businesses are likely to raise funds with digital tokens in the future. It unlocks a wide range of illiquid assets in today’s economic climate that is constrained by the traditional fund raising approach.”

The company is very pleased and honored to be trusted by Y.S.S.P. Aggrigate Co., Ltd. (Y.S.S.P. Aggregate) To appoint Token X as a service provider ICO Portal The two companies are preparing to jointly study the feasibility of issuing digital tokens for investment. which Token X will act as an ICO Portal service provider fully integrated, and is committed to bringing the potential and capabilities of digital tokens including knowledge expertise and experience in blockchain technology Come help us bring to YSSP a new and efficient fundraising option. Aggregate To join together to create a new growth model and can increase the opportunity for investors to have more investment options.” Ms. Chittinan say

side Mr. Yuttachai Phukanthasom Chief Executive Officer Y.S.S.P. Aggrigate Co., Ltd. said that the company attended the signing ceremony Token X It is an ICO Portal service provider to learn about issuing digital tokens for investment. to support economic and industrial expansion in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) area

by Y.S.S.P. Aggrigate Co., Ltd. is a cooperation of partners that creates a strong power in water management. with the business of concessions for mining, clay pits and sand pits in the Chonburi area and Rayong Province for a long time causing a large number of water reservoir networks and have a deep understanding of water costs in the area including having personnel and a team of consultants with experience and expertise in the production and distribution of water from government and private agencies

while the shareholder structure consists of Thai Polycons Public Company Limited or TPOLY that in addition to coming to support in the construction also joins as a shareholder with other Strategic Partners, helping to strengthen its capital This makes the company confident in supporting and taking part in water management in the eastern region. to support the growth of the economy and industry in the EEC area according to the government’s strategy

In collaboration with Token X As an ICO Portal Service Provider Has played a role in consulting on business structure. and reviewing the project plan to be in accordance with the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which will increase the company’s opportunities and potential for further growth.” Mr. Yuttachai say

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