Tom Cruise’s Involvement with Scientology: The Controversies and Impact on His Personal Life

2023-08-25 14:29:15

Tom Cruise (61) was a member of Scientology for decades.

As the newspaper further reports, Cruise has mainly shot in the UK for the past three years. During this period he is said to have stopped visiting the British headquarters.

As a respected ambassador for the Church, Tom Cruise is one of the most prominent members. In addition to him, other celebrities such as John Travolta (69) or Elisabeth Moss (41) are known as well-known followers.

Tom Cruise has not yet responded to the speculation. Scientology is said to have played a crucial role in the splits between Nicole Kidman (56) and Katie Holmes (44).

Because of the cult, ex-wife Katie Holmes has tried for years to keep Cruise away from daughter Suri, 17, to prevent influence.

Holmes received sole custody of their daughter.

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