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Original title: Too difficult!Barcelona ends Camp Nou’s three-game losing streak and takes the lead in the Asian war

The battle with Mallorca is Barcelona’s penultimate home game of the season. Only less than 63,000 people attended the game, and the fans obviously did not show enough enthusiasm. It is no wonder that the Barcelona fans did not support, after the Red and Blue Army suffered a humiliating three-game losing streak at home. Tonight, Barcelona finally ended their three-game losing streak at Camp Nou. Facing the newly-promoted Mallorca, Barcelona finally won the victory, although the process is still relatively difficult.

In the face of Eintracht Frankfurt, Cadiz and Vallecano, the reason why Barcelona suffered a three-game losing streak was directly due to the unfavorable offense and a quick counterattack by the opponent. Tonight, Barcelona scored an early goal. Alba’s midfielder sent a god-level pass, and Depay scored a low shot from the middle of the penalty area. Facts have proved that Depay who does not stick to the ball is the “good Depay”, but it is quite a challenge to make him not stick to the ball.

Busquets scored a goal, giving Barcelona a two-goal lead. But Aubameyang and Ferran Torres continue to misfire, which is not an ideal signal for Barcelona. Ferran Torres has returned to the situation where he repeatedly missed the goal at the beginning of his joining, and tonight he was even close at hand but hit the ball on the crossbar. The Spain international showed an undisguised frustration on the field. Aubameyang was also mediocre, and he wasted many good chances with his head kicking. Although Fati is back from injury, he obviously has not found his proper form yet. He only had one mid-range shot that was not threatening.

On the defensive end, Barcelona still has a lot of problems. Pique left the field again due to injury as soon as he came back, and Eric Garcia, a short central defender, even slipped his feet to give his opponent a shot. Barcelona was almost blitzed shortly after the start, and the final goal loss was also closely related to the failure of the back line to defend offside from set pieces. In the face of Mallorca, which has a weak will to fight, Barcelona’s 2-1 win is really not beautiful enough.

But in any case, winning is a good thing after all. Barcelona is destined to be empty this season, but fortunately, they still occupy the first place on the road to Asia. With 4 rounds remaining, Barcelona leads Sevilla and Atletico Madrid by 2 and 5 points respectively. Among the three teams, Barcelona has the easiest remaining schedule. The next four opponents of Barcelona are Betis, Celta, Getafe and Villarreal. Sevilla will play Villarreal, Mallorca, Atletico Madrid and Biba. Atletico Madrid It will be against Real Madrid, Elche, Sevilla and Real Sociedad. Although the runner-up is not an achievement for Barcelona, ​​it can at least ensure a place in the Champions League and at least ensure that Barcelona can participate in the Western Super Cup next season. For Barcelona, ​​the Western Super Cup means tens of millions or millions of euros in revenue.

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