Top 3 favorite accessories of a dandy

2023-07-17 13:12:09

Dandyism is the way of life of a man who wants to be refined, elegant, and remarkable through his tastes and manners. It also implies a very select style of dress. Here are 3 accessories that should not be missing from the dandy’s panoply.

Adding a touch of sophistication and elegance with a luxurious watch

To stand out from the others, the dandy must add small remarkable details to his clothing style, such as a luxurious watch. This little accessory brings an aesthetic touch to its look, and gives it a certain class. Because of his status and his pronounced taste for elegance, he will avoid bracelet-type watches, whether they come from major brands or not. He will rather favor the pocket watch for its sophisticated character and its unique look.

As Avenue Gousset shows, a dandy interested in this accessory can choose from several models of pocket watches. The pocket watch with an open dial is still a real success. Its clamshell case offers more practicality. This is the first model marketed in the 1400s. For a more modern effect, a dandy today can opt for a “hunter’s pocket watch”, i.e. equipped with a case with clapper.

A dandy will always wear a pocket square to match his tie

One of the most important accessories of the dandy outfit is the little bag. It is this little piece of fabric that captures the attention and demonstrates his attention to detail. Sleek and elegant, it brings a certain charm, but above all gives it more charisma. It brings out the most subtle attractions of a magnificent three-piece suit.

The aesthetic impact of a cover nevertheless depends on several factors. For a more seductive look, I often recommend favor luxurious materials such as silk and linen. Cotton pouches also have their charm. The choice of patterns is also important. Plain models are preferred for their simplicity. But a dandy can also be daring, for example by betting on floral or geometric patterns. The main thing is that the pocket square is well matched with the tie.

Moccasins: the dandy’s favorite accessories!

Moccasins are shoes with a natural elegance. They are beautiful, sober, and fit easily into the clothing style of the dandy. Bringing a certain touch of refinement, these laceless shoes are the ultimate accessory for a more complete look. They can be worn with a three-piece suit, or with a more casual outfit of a modern dandy. There is a wide variety of models of moccasins, to be chosen in particular according to the desired effect.

Personally, I have a soft spot for the Penny Loafers. In smooth leather, these moccasins have the particularity of being very refined, but also very sober. They easily replace Derbies and Oxfords. Black models are preferred for a more formal style. The horsebit moccasin is also very elegant. Created by the founder of Gucci himself, in 1953, this type of shoe is distinguished by its original and classic structure. He was much appreciated by London gentlemen.

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