Top Chef VIP Drama: Marcial Tagle Responds to Máximo Bolocco Controversy

2024-02-06 10:36:37

By Rodrigo MejíasFebruary 6, 2024 at 07:36 hrs.

The actor Marcial Tagle responded to the statements made by Máximo Bolocco against him and lowered the profile of the controversy that arose between the two during their participation in Top Chef VIP, a culinary competition program where they joined Gissella Gallardo and the comedian. Gringo mode on.

Although the new participants will only be admitted on February 12, they have already been recording for a couple of weeks. That was enough time for Cecilia Bolocco’s son to get upset with the interpreter in Married with Children, as a result of the jokes he played on him.

“Marcial is no longer in the program. Thank God they fired him, because he had me flat. He was annoying and out of nowhere, because he didn’t even know me. I stopped him: ‘You’re doing show business and I’m not going to answer you.’ There he left alone. “You don’t have to fish,” Máximo told the media. LUN.

Marcial Tagle responds to Máximo Bolocco

As a result, in contact with the journalist Paula Escobar of the program I tell you from Zona Latina, Luz Valdivieso’s ex-husband lowered the profile of the alleged television drama.

“It’s not worth it (to respond)… It’s probably a joke on his part because we had a very good vibe,” he stressed.

However, as Escobar revealed, the actor did not want to assume his responsibility and from within Top Chef VIP his image would have looked bad, for bothering a young man 30 years younger than him.

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