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Created: 9/9/2022, 2:28 p.m

Von: Nina Dudek


Vitamins for autumn and winter contain a concentrated load of immune power. © MarkoAliaksandr/PantherMedia

Autumn and winter are among the seasons with the most colds. A timely supply of vitamins strengthens the immune system and can help to stay healthy.

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Every year we know this phenomenon: Summer is coming to an end, the first cool evenings herald autumn – and we’re already sitting at home with a sore throat and a cold. Children, sensitive people or athletes in particular are particularly susceptible and should therefore support their immune system at an early stage.
Especially in times of the corona pandemic, it is important for particularly vulnerable population groups to take special care of themselves. A sufficient – ​​and above all timely – supply of the right vitamins can help you to optimally support the immune system and thus prevent possible illnesses in autumn and winter.

Which vitamins are important in autumn?

Basically, the same applies in autumn as it does for the rest of the year: your body needs a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals. Anyone who eats a balanced diet according to the recommendations of the German Society for Nutrition can usually do so. “5 a day” is the motto, that is five servings of fruit and vegetables Every day. However, autumn and winter also challenge our immune system and that is why it can help to focus on a few, selected vitamins in the diet in autumn and, if necessary, to supplement them with food supplements.

Vitamins and minerals only strengthen the immune system if they are taken over a long period of time. The savings subscriptions from Amazon are useful here. You determine a regular delivery period, the preparation comes conveniently to your home and you save money in the process.

Vitamin C for autumn & winter: To suck for children & vegans

Pack of vitamin C lozenges
Vitamins for autumn and winter: 2 delicious lozenges a day are enough. © sanotact

Highly dosed vitamin C from the acerola cherry, which also tastes good to children from the age of four thanks to its fine cherry aroma. Two tablets a day are enough and children find it much easier to suck than swallowing whole tablets. In addition, you should click one Vitamin C rich diet pay attention to be optimally cared for.

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Hot Lemons: Homemade or Ready-to-Use?

Many rely on vitamin C from fresh lemons. In fact, 100 grams of juice contains about half of the daily vitamin C requirement. The problem with this type of homemade hot lemon: Some of the vitamin is destroyed in the hot water. Finished Hot Lemon Preparations on the other hand, are dosed so high that the loss is not significant.

Vitamin C for autumn & winter: For people with a sensitive stomach

Packet of vitamin C
Vitamin C for people with irritable bowel syndrome. © GloryFeel

This special vitamin C preparation is buffered. This means that the acidic vitamin C is bound to minerals and is therefore more tolerable and also suitable for people with a sensitive stomach.
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Vitamins for autumn & winter: when do they make sense?

Pharmacists, doctors and experts agree: Vitamins in the form of food supplements should not be taken without caution. It is always advisable to consult your family doctor or pharmacist before you take so-called supplements yourself.
However, some population groups require additional vitamins and minerals because their bodies have special requirements. In addition to pregnant and breastfeeding women, this also includes seniors, vegans and vegetarians as well as competitive athletes and smokers.

Vitamin D for autumn & winter: Clever combination drops for children

Vitamin C drops
These vitamins for autumn and winter can also be “hidden” in food. © true to nature

80 percent of the “sun vitamin” is absorbed through exposure to the sun. And this is rare in autumn and winter. The combination of vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 is particularly effective, because this supports the effect of vitamin D3 by activating proteins and making them usable in the first place. Drops can be “hidden” in yoghurt or muesli and are ideal for children.
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Vitamin D for autumn & winter: D3 + K2 highly concentrated with depot effect

Vitamin D pack
You only need to take these vitamins for autumn and winter every 5 days. © natural elements

This combination preparation is dosed so high that you only have to take one capsule every five days. One capsule is highly dosed with 5,000 IU (125 µg) of vitamin D3 and 100 µg of vitamin K2 MK-7 – ideal if you do not want to take food supplements every day.
In the savings subscription 180 tablets only 15.29 €

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Zinc for autumn & winter: Particularly high bioavailability

Pack of zinc tablets
This zinc preparation can be utilized particularly well. © GloryFeel

Zinc is essential for our metabolism. The trace element is said to be able to block the receptors of the viruses mainly responsible for a flu infection and thus prevent them from sticking to the mouth and nose. Zinc bisglycinate is an organic zinc compound that has a particularly high bioavailability for absorption in the body.
In the savings subscription 400 tablets only €14.38

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Does your child have trouble swallowing larger tablets or capsules? Many capsules can be divided in the middle and the contents easily disappear into the yoghurt. The same applies to tablets that can be crushed into powder. But only “hide” in cold foods so that the effect is maintained.

Zinc for autumn & winter: shorten the cold season in high doses

Pack of zinc tablets
Particularly high doses of zinc can alleviate the course of the disease. © BPS Pharma

Zinc can also help if you are already suffering from the first symptoms of a flu-like effect, because it can curb the multiplication of the pathogen. The Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung reports that the timely intake of high-dose zinc from a dosage of 75 mg per day can shorten the duration of a cold.

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