Tor Mikkel Wara does not know if the Oslo Frp wants him as the top of the list

Wara announced earlier this week that he would like to run for first place on the Oslo Frp’s list at the general election next year. This could lead to a battle between a former minister of justice and nationally known FRP member and the former city council politician and county team leader Aina Stenersen.

Wara states that he had not received any inquiries from the Oslo party or any of the district teams with invitations to run.

– I have received a number of inquiries from individuals, but not from any official district associations, i.e. boards. But I have had individuals for a while. It has meant that I have been in the thinking box for a while before I decided.

– Do you feel that you have a good base in the local party in Oslo?

– We’ll see. It is, after all, a nomination process. I think we should respect that, he says and points out that it is the nomination meeting that ultimately decides.

– It’s okay to be open

– But now is the time, because it is now that the nomination committees start working. In Oslo, it was constituted last Tuesday, and they have now sent out letters to candidates, so now the process is underway.

Wara states that he has not been contacted by the nomination committee either.

– But I know when the dates are, that’s when it starts. I’ve been in the thinking box for a while, and at one point or another I have to signal that too. In Frp, it is fine to be very open and honest and say that this is what I want. And then I did it now. I thought it was good to say it before the national meeting, he says.

Wara says he will quit PR agency First House in the summer.

– It will not be right to be in First House when I am an active candidate, he says.

The FRP veteran has received warm support as a candidate from FpU leader Simen Velle, who is moving back to Oslo and wants to seize second place from the list. And the admiration is mutual, we are to believe interviews the two have given together in recent days.

Supports youth candidate

About Stenersen, Wara says that it is perfectly fine for her to run as well.

– Aina Stenersen is an experienced politician, so it is not unnatural that she plans to run. So I have said that I will run for first place. I have also said that I think it is a good idea to have a youth candidate.

– Not a woman?

– Yes, I think it is important to have a woman, says Wara

– In third place?

– I don’t think I should say much more about the next places. Because it’s not like I have a ready-made list. That’s how it should be. I have said what I want, and then I said that it was a good idea when Simen wanted to sign up. And then I stop there, says Wara.

Wara sat in the Storting from 1989–1993. He resigned as Minister of Justice in March 2019 when his wife Laila Bertheussen was suspected of having staged threats against her husband. He has since worked at First House.

He will not tell NTB what kind of cases he has worked on there.

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