Torres criticized Santiago Caputo, Milei’s “Minister of Thought”

2024-02-24 20:08:00

In the midst of his dispute with the National Government over the cut of resources for Chubut, the governor Ignacio Torres He aimed directly against one of the president’s most trusted men Javier Mileythe advisor Santiago Caputo. Not only did he state that he received “an ultimatum” warning that “if he did not stop” he would be attacked by trolls on social networks, but he also blamed him for having interfered in the fight with the governors.

The conflict that broke out this Friday, after a joint statement by six southern governors where they supported Chubut’s decision not to deliver gas and oil if the Nation does not send resources, revealed the tension that exists between the provincial leaders and President Javier Milei. Torres, who had various public participations after his strong stance, pointed out against the Government’s decision to deny him money from the co-participation, as well as income that was destined for transportation and education.

However, one of the names that remained in his interventions was that of Caputo, whom he questioned in harsh terms. “It generates frustration for us to see the arrogance of how the Government is managed, where practically everything happens through a character who does not know Argentina, who has never worked in his life, who is called Santiago Caputo. That tells the president that he has to fight with the deputies, the governors, the media, the journalists, the singers,” he said in a radio conversation with Mitre.

Furthermore, he added: “Santiago Caputo is disastrous. Prioritize how many likes you have on Twitter. That ethic of fighting against a fictitious caste, who have never had the courage to fight seriously, is what gets them.” And he continued: “What happened to me is that I don’t care if they send me to an army of trolls giving me the face of Chávez. I sleep peacefully”

In addition, he revealed that he received a warning if he continued to strain the relationship with the national Executive Branch. “On Friday they sent me a message giving me an ultimatum where they said they were going to remove the tanks to the networks if I didn’t stop. A friend of mine who knows Santiago Caputo gave it to me,” she said.

The chicane from Torres to Caputo, Milei’s “Minister of Thought”

In an interview he gave on Friday night, in the midst of a discursive escalation between the provincial leaders and the head of state, Torres criticized the libertarian advisor with irony: “I’m not the one to give advice to anyone. But sometimes I do.” “The worst thing that can happen to a leader is to surround himself with courtiers who tell you that everything is fine, who watch a lot of series, who watch a lot of Peaky Blinders, who don’t know what it’s like to work, who think it’s because they’re in a dull state.” .

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The reference is to the notoriety that photos of Caputo gained at the beginning of Milei’s management, where he was seen arriving smoking at Casa Rosada and a comparison was drawn with the series Peaky Blinders.

Caputo gained relevance after Milei himself thanked him for his role in the campaign that ended up establishing him as President of the Nation.

In December, the cover of NOTICIAS magazine cataloged him as “Milei’s “Minister of Thought”, a nickname that the libertarian economist himself would have invented for him.

According to this PROFILE note, Caputo met Milei through Ramiro Marra. Before, he had worked in the world of consulting, where he met Jaime Durán Barba.


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