Manuel Neuer self-critically after Tuchel’s departure from FC Bayern

2024-02-24 20:36:41

“That always reflects badly on the team and the players. If we haven’t managed to continue with such a top coach. It’s not like in school where the teacher is always to blame because of the grades “It’s our responsibility when a good coach is fired,” Neuer said after the final whistle Sky.

However, Tuchel was never made aware of the decision to end the collaboration after the season. “We want to continue the path professionally until the end. You didn’t notice anything about him today in the speech or in the preparation for the game. He did it extremely professionally and gave us a great attitude. You could see that in the first half too,” said the FCB keeper.

However, even Neuer found it difficult to explain that the 50-year-old was the next top coach to fail in Munich within a very short space of time. “You have different players than before, where maybe things happened a little on their own. Teams change. I think that this self-image and the self-confidence to put on this jersey, go out on the pitch and beat teams in spades – that was what they had “We haven’t this season or in the recent past. We have to work our way back.”

Overall, every single player “must have a bad conscience,” analyzed Neuer. “This doesn’t just include the coaching team, but us too. That’s why you always have to look after your own nose.”

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