Totally Venezuelan labor! Workers of the Mérida Cable Car reactivate 90% of its operation

Merida cable car

Before the end of 2022, the reactivation of 90% of the operation of the Mérida Cable Car was achieved, highlighting that the engineering and electromechanical works were carried out by 100% Venezuelan labor.

Workers of the Merida Cable Car at work

As will be remembered, on July 12, the act of initiation of these works was signed; On August 31 of this same year, the first tranche was delivered. Barinitas-The Mountainwhile 45 days later the second tranche was reactivated The Mountain-La Aguadaand in a month and a half the third stretch and fourth station from La Aguada-Round Hill.

The Minister Alí Padrón together with the president of Ventel Víctor Cruz.

The Minister of People’s Power for Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón reported that the total execution of the work plans have been carried out jointly between Venezolana de Teleféricos VENTEL, CA and the company Railteco Rail, “Through a strategic alliance for the maintenance of the nation’s Cable Cars, and although they were expected to be executed in nine months, thanks to the effort and commitment of the workers, 90% of the works were completed in less than five months,” said the Minister.

For his part, the president of VENTEL, Víctor Cruz, recalled that this Venezuelan state company carries out all its projects and executions, “with a transversal line of respect and compliance with the Laws for the Protection of the Environment and Ecosystems, with a high level of awareness of its workers on this vital issue”, concluded the official.

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