Yunnan flowers sell well, national high-speed rail transportation soars by 900%_Oriental Fortune Net

The reporter learned from the China Railway Kunming Bureau Group on the 14th that with the Lantern Festival and other festivals approaching, Yunnan flowers are selling well all over the country. Since February, Yunnan railway luggage trucks have shipped more than 100 tons of flowers, of which the weight of high-speed rail has increased by 900% year-on-year, mainly to Beijing. , Shanghai, Guangzhou, Urumqi and more than 20 cities.

Yunnan is a big tourism province and a big flower province. With the arrival of festivals such as the Lantern Festival, the flower market in Yunnan is particularly prosperous, and all kinds of fresh cut flowers are in short supply in major and medium-sized cities in China.

“This year’s New Year’s Eve flower sales are booming. In addition to the upcoming festivals, many flower shops have sold out flowers, which is obviously in short supply. The flower prices are also higher than in previous years, and the market demand for high-quality flowers is growing.” Ms. Li, the head of the flower shop in Dounan Flower Market, Kunming, Yunnan, introduced.

The reporter walked into the Kunming Railway Station, and the bustling passengers were full of joy with flowers in their hands. The packed flowers on the platform are loaded into luggage carts and transported to major cities along with passengers. On average, Kunming Railway Station alone has more than 200 batches of flowers every day, and nearly 400 pieces of flowers arrive at the station for consignment.

“The price of flowers has dropped significantly in the past two days. Taking roses as an example, the average cost of each flower on February 10 was 4.7 yuan, and it dropped to 1.82 yuan per flower on February 13. The purchase price is low, but it has to be in time. Before the festival arrives, we can only choose high-speed rail, air and other means of transportation with a shorter transportation time.” said Mr. Wang, a flower merchant who is handling luggage and passenger transport at Kunming Railway Station.

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Recently, the Yunnan railway department has adopted a combination of passenger and freight transportation to transport flowers. In order to shorten the transportation time of flowers, it prioritizes the arrangement of flower loading plans. In view of the characteristics of large packaging of flowers and intolerant goods, timely deployment of labor and careful organization of loading. Avoid damage when the flowers are loaded.

(Article source: China News Network)

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