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toujust: store of everything at the right price

The Toujust Challans store in Vendée Pays de la Loire (Postal Code 85300), offers Challandais and Challandaises “everything at the right price”. At least that’s the promise of this new Hard Discounter awaiting inauguration.

Toujust Challans “just”

The inauguration date of this Toujust “Just” Challans store, in Vendée Pays de la Loire (Postal Code 85300), remains unknown for the moment. It thus comes to compete with the hard discounters already present in the city and its outskirts for a while. For example with:

  • Aldi, Rue Albert Camus
  • Lidl, 54 Boulevard Clemenceau
  • Action, 7 rue Florence Arthaud

The presence of all these hard discounters is really good news for all Challandais and Challandaises. Especially those who want above all to find low prices on everyday consumer products. The fight against inflation is a real hot topic that affects most French people.

Catalog Toujust “Just” Challans

To lure the barge Toujust promises consumers prices 5 to 10% cheaper than its competitors… Lidl, Aldi and Leclerc. It’s a whole set of principles that could make it possible to achieve this objective. The heart of the ray will be “White mark”i.e. products equivalent to what private labels do.

The number of references will be smaller than in a supermarket and there will be a large share (40%) of fresh products.

More information

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The brand in France

The list of Toujust “Tout Juste” stores is not limited to the town of Challans in Vendée Pays de la Loire (Postal Code 85300). Indeed a long list of stores awaits you throughout the territory. Check store openings now as well as the list of stores already open in France. This by clicking on the link below:


Upcoming openings at your location

It’s happening right now for fans of Shopping Challandais and Challandaises. Finally, here are the other brands expected to open in the town of Challans, in Vendée Pays de la Loire (Postal Code 85300).

Discover the brands opening soon in this city of Vendée (Postal Code 25056). This by clicking on the opening sign that interests you below:

Apart from the list of openings indicated above, other inaugurations in your city are possible. This list of openings in Challans in Vendée is therefore not exhaustive.

Review Toujust Challans “Just”

What do you think of the arrival of this new hard discounter in your town in the Vendée Pays de la Loire department (Postal Code 85300)? Are you rather satisfied with the offers of this establishment or do you prefer competitors in the same sector (Aldi, Lidl, Normal, Hema, Netto, Leader Price, ..)?

Do not hesitate to give your opinion on this trader at the bottom of this page. Your opinion helps other Challanders to better choose their brand where to go shopping at very low prices.

Thank you in advance for your testimony. Finally, your opinion counts!

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