Tourist murdered on a beach in San Andrés, Colombia

Saint Andrew.  PHOTO: Private file / EL TIEMPO
Saint Andrew. PHOTO: Private file / EL TIEMPO

There is commotion in San Andrés due to a case of contract killing of a tourist who appeared this Friday on a beach in the Rocky Cay sector, in the south of the island, in Colombia.

According to information provided by the authorities, the victim is a man from Cali who had arrived in the archipelago on Wednesday. While he was conversing with his family at the spa, a man approached and shot him.

Investigations for the murder of the tourist in San Andrés

Colonel María Elena Gómez Méndez, commander of the San Andrés Police, reported that there is already important information to find the whereabouts of those responsible for the incident and all the necessary investigations are being carried out.

“It is very important to highlight that there was rapid action from all the quadrants and in that same order we already have very specific information, especially in terms of cameras, which will allow us to establish who was responsible for this fact,” he said. the official.

And he added that the identification of some people who are suspicious for the National Police is being carried out, so they are working hand in hand with the CTIwho will take over the investigation.

This is a new case of contract killings on a beach in the country. In May of this year he was assassinated. prosecutor Marcelo Pecciwho died after being the victim of an attack while on a beach in Cartagena.

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