towards the path of pleasure?

The voice is not enough!

Is it possible to get into a really big arousal phase just with the voice? Simply with the voice it seems complicated: it has not been described in the sexology studies published to date! On the other hand, the voice can participate in enjoyment. With imagination, letting go, a lot of desire and even a little exercise: why not! First of all, the voice can fuel your pleasure when it is associated with foreplay or penetration. It can also contribute to your enjoyment without you realizing it.

Want to increase this effect? To the point of feeling your excitement skyrocket or even reach orgasm? So cover your eyes and make sure your hands can’t move. It’s a well-known fact: when some of your senses are put into “off” mode, those that remain awake are all the more sharpened! Deprived of sight and touch, your hearing may have an effect.

Note: the voice can also tickle your libido from complete strangers if you listen to erotic podcasts, alone or accompanied. Certainly the content of the stories and testimonials are a major component of the excitement. But the timbre of the voice and your personal sensitivity to a particular voice can clearly influence your level of arousal.

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