Tower of Fantasy, the ultimate anime game, is set to launch in a global version this year.

Perfect World Games one of the leading companies that have announced the good news when they are leadinggame Tower of Fantasy to open at the global level, which isgameAnother Anime style thatgameMercedes should not miss The developer has released an update that will prepare for the service during Open Beta soon. It is scheduled to open in the third quarter of this year, which is no later than September 2022. Of course.gameThis will support only English language. If anyone is interested, you can follow more details at

Tower of Fantasy is an Action RPG created by Hotta Studio, a subsidiary of Perfect World. Games global company Motion in the game uses cinematic technology to bring reality through gameplay. Combined with functions and features To play games and explore the openworld style, light sci-fi art style. Using Unreal Engine 4 technology, the game’s story is also well-crafted about survival. and the destruction that players will have to do both in this adventure.


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