Trading the Saudi Stock Exchange: the main stock prices today, Sunday, February 27, 2022

Today, Sunday, the general index of shares in Saudi Arabia closed with an increase of 1% to gain 120 points, and it reached in the trading of the financial market to the level of 12,417 points, with the main share prices rising today, Sunday, February 27, 2022, while the total value of trading in the Saudi Stock Exchange today reached 9.9 billion riyals, while liquidity in the Saudi financial market was concentrated on the shares of the Saudi National Bank, Saudi Aramco and Al-Rajhi Bank.

The number of shares traded in the Saudi financial market today, Sunday, reached about 235.9 million shares, with transactions executed that exceeded 338.4 thousand deals, supported by the rise of Sipchem and Metals shares in the Saudi Stock Exchange today, while the shares of 183 companies recorded an increase in their value during the trading of the money market, while the shares of 20 companies closed on to retreat.

Trading the Saudi Stock Exchange: the main stock prices today, Sunday, February 27, 2022

The main stock indices in the Saudi financial market rose today, Sunday, February 27, 2022, according to the Saudi Tadawul Group, the most prominent of which were: “Amanah Insurance”, “Enaya” and “Research and Media”.

The most prominent Saudi stock prices today in the financial market came as follows:

Today’s share price = 198.00 Saudi riyals.

Al-Rajhi share price today = 155.20 Saudi riyals.

Aramco share price today = 40.95 Saudi riyals.

Alinma share price today = 34.70 Saudi riyals.

Dar Al-Arkan share price today = 10.80 Saudi riyals.

SABIC share price today = 121.80 Saudi riyals.

Seera share price today = 20.90 Saudi riyals.

Kayan share price today = 20.20 Saudi riyals.

Cables share price today = 24.00 Saudi riyals.

Advanced share price today = 17.10 Saudi riyals.

Wafra share price today = 138.20 Saudi riyals.

Shaker share price today = 21.92 Saudi riyals.

Tabuk Agricultural share price today = 29.95 Saudi riyals.

The highest gainers in the Saudi market today

The highest gainers in the Saudi financial market came today, Sunday, according to the Tadawul Financial Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as follows:

Amana Insurance trading share price = 32.60 Saudi riyals.

Traded care share price = 32.20 Saudi riyals.

Research and media trading, share price = 256.00 Saudi riyals.

Fish trading stock price = 48.65 Saudi riyals.

Tadawul Alinma Tokyo share price = 28.35 Saudi riyals.

When does the Saudi stock market open and when does it close?

Trading in the Saudi stock market takes place at specific times according to the type of trading. The Saudi stock market operates from Sunday to Thursday, while Friday and Saturday are a weekly official holiday in the Kingdom’s trading markets.

The trading markets operate during one period throughout the day, starting in the early morning, while the stock trading process is closed after 10 minutes from the actual time that the trading market is closed, and it changes on a daily basis.

The Saudi Stock Exchange also includes trading in investment funds, sukuk and bonds, but the trading market is not opened for all types together, as each type of trading has a different timing from the other.

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