“Traffic Accident in Theux: Rescue Mission by VHP Zone Firefighters”

2023-05-18 18:16:46

The firefighters of the VHP Zone were called this Thursday evening a little after 7 p.m. for a traffic accident on the road from Verviers to Oneux, in the town of Theux.

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A black car going down the hill collided with a burgundy car which had entered the crossroads near the Bonhomme Vert store, according to information gathered on the spot. Following the impact, the black car hit another car which was waiting on the other side of the crossroads.


Two people were in the black car, one of whom could not get out of the vehicle. The firefighters of the VHP zone had to extricate her. She was then taken to hospital by ambulance. Apparently his life was not in danger.


A second ambulance also took two other people to the hospital for observation.


On site, there was also a fire engine, an extrication vehicle, a beaconing vehicle and an officer vehicle from the VHP zone. As well as a Smur and police vehicles.


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