Tragic Death of Hernán Darío Rodríguez Urrea at Reina Catalina Clinic: Investigation and Controversy Surrounding the Incident

2023-06-20 01:40:20
Hernán Darío Rodríguez Urrea died at the Reina Catalina clinic in Barranquilla on Monday, June 19, 2023. Photo: taken from Facebook.

Hernán Darío Rodríguez Urrea died in the Intensive Care Unit of the Reina Catalina clinic in Barranquilla after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest after spending more than 4 months hospitalized in the medical center where he arrived after being shot. Everything happened in the middle of a police operation carried out by agents of the National Police in the vicinity of a nightclub in Barranquilla.

The events were recorded on February 11, 2023 when Rodríguez Urrea shared with several of his friends in a night establishment in the north of the Atlantic capital, more precisely on 84th Street with Carrera 44, when the night of Guacherna was celebrated in the city. , one of the most traditional festivities in this sector of the country.

The Barranquilla Metropolitan Police had indicated at the time that around 5:00 am on the fateful day on which he was injured, the young university student was staying with a group of people in the Granadillo neighborhood when some policemen came to attend to a complaint about disturbance of public order after a fight broke out.

Subsequently, versions were released indicating that the calls from the neighbors to the authorities occurred because the mentioned group of people “were consuming intoxicating drinks around a vehicle with the sound at high volume”, causing the inconvenience of the inhabitants. of the sector.

In confusing events, once the agents of the National Police arrived to deal with the case and to disperse the people who were drinking intoxicating drinks, Hernán Darío Rodríguez was wounded by a bullet from the weapon provided by one of the uniformed officers present, causing panic. among the people who were around the place where what happened was recorded.

After learning of the incident, General Jorge Urquijo, commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, stated that a pertinent investigation would be carried out into what happened, in addition to being attentive to the victim’s health status in the framework of another inquiry that was opened from the Military Criminal Justice against the uniformed officer who fired the weapon and who is currently facing a disciplinary process.

One month after the events were recorded, the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation began a new investigation against the police officers who carried out the operation in the early morning of February 11, 2023, in which they would inquire about what happened to the young man who passed away on the morning of Monday June 19, 2023.

“The control entity is investigating the circumstances in which the university student, Hernán Darío Rodríguez Urrea, was hit by a bullet at the exit of an establishment located on Calle 84 with Carrera 44, at dawn on February 11,” they stated. from the Attorney General once they opened the investigation in March 2023.

In addition, the entity ordered the taking of evidence with which it could be identified how the events in which the young man was injured took place, in the middle of a case in which the uniformed men could face sentences of several years in prison.

“We want to determine if they constitute a disciplinary offense, identify and individualize the public servants who participated in the operation, and the individuals in the exercise of public functions allegedly compromised to establish if they have acted under a cause of exclusion of responsibility ”, they indicated at that time.

Leonardo Guzmán, one of the victim’s friends, told Blu Radio that, despite the fact that he had shown a slight improvement in May, a bacterial infection deteriorated his state of health in recent days, causing his death on the morning of Monday June 19, 2023.

“He was already coming with a rhythm since the terrible event happened in the ICU in February, he was recovering, showing improvements, he was taken down to intermediate care twice, but today we learned this unfortunate news that, for everyone, was a very bad blow. hard. He was complicated by a bacterium that he caught, understanding that it is normal for it to happen because of the place where he is, ”he said.

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