Transforming Grief into Hope: Gong Saifeng’s Cornea Donation Story

2023-08-05 10:57:10

Gong Saifeng’s mother and daughter held back their grief and signed the “Cornea Donation Confirmation Form”. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

Gong Saifeng, a mainland man who weighs more than 240 kilograms, recently finished his short 44-year life. His family followed his last wish and contacted the Red Cross Society of Hunan Province. After receiving the notification, the staff of Hunan Red Cross Cornea Donation Aier Ophthalmology Receiving Station and Xiangya Medical College of Central South University rushed to Gong Saifeng’s home to complete the donation procedures. Form” to help him fulfill his final wish.

According to comprehensive land media reports, Gong Saifeng was born in a small mountain village in Shiniujiang Town, Taojiang County, Yiyang. Twenty years later, Gong Saifeng, who is 174 cm tall, soared to more than 240 kg. Due to obesity, he gradually developed cardiovascular disease and other problems, so he had to return to his hometown to recuperate.

Gong Saifeng is an optimistic person who loves to laugh and sing. After returning home, he is not negative. He registers an account on the Internet platform and often sings popular songs live. At the same time, he also gained a wave of fans. In addition to his ability, he also helped some families with emergencies out of the predicament.

With the passage of time, Gong Saifeng’s physical condition gradually deteriorated, and he proposed to his parents and daughter the idea of ​​donating the cornea of ​​the remains, “I am willing to donate all the remains to the cause of medical science, and hope that there will be fewer diseases in the world, because I have experienced this myself. It is painful, so I don’t want other people to be tortured by injuries. If it can be used as a teaching material for a certain disease and can provide a breakthrough achievement for this disease, then it is worth it.”

Influenced by the traditional idea of ​​”body, hair and skin are affected by parents”, Gong Saifeng’s idea was opposed by his parents, so he persuaded his parents, “I have brought a lot of burdens to my family due to illness in my life, and I am already very guilty. Make some contributions to the country, please forgive me as an unfilial son.” With his insistence, he finally got his parents’ consent, and completed the registration on March 3 this year, officially becoming a human organ donation volunteer.

Assessed by the Changsha Aier Eye Bank, Gong Saifeng’s corneas were of excellent quality and met the transplantation standards. On August 2, they were transplanted to a patient with corneal endothelial decompensation and another eye disease patient with corneal infection and ulcer to avoid blindness and loss of eyes. pain and bring new hope to their lives. Gong Saifeng’s daughter said, “Dad’s cornea can help others see the light again, and it is also a different way to continue living in the world.”

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