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Tremor today, March 15, in Colombia. Photo: Composition LR/AFP

Colombia is among the Latin American countries that registers the greatest number of tremors due to its geolocation in the Pacific Ring of Fire, one of the areas with the greatest tectonic activity in the world. Along the same lines, the population can stay informed about today’s tremor and the seismic events that occur in their territory thanks to the information provided by the Colombian Geological Service (SGC).

How big was the last tremor today?

Today’s earthquake in Colombia, Wednesday March 15: LIVE, latest news

What is the difference between tremor, earthquake and earthquake?

“Tremor” and “earthquake” are used to refer to a movement of low magnitude in colloquial language, while the opposite occurs with “earthquake”.

The last tremor registered in Colombia occurred on Tuesday, March 14 at 7:59 p.m. in TufiƱo, border with Ecuador. The seismic movement had a magnitude of 2.6 and it was at a depth less than 30 km.

Last earthquake in Colombia. Photo: SGC

Tremor in Colombia: how does the seismic alert work?

SIMMA is the Mass Movement Information System. It records, stores, manages, processes and displays information about mass movements of Colombia.

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