Trending Romance: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Capture the NFL Spotlight

2023-09-25 21:28:07

Taylor Swift y Travis Kelce They form the couple that everyone is talking about in the NFL. After several romance rumors, the famous singer accepted an invitation from the Kansas City Chiefs tight end to watch him play in the game against the Chicago Bearsfrom Sunday.

What did you do after the Chiefs’ victory? is the million-dollar question that a TikTok user answered. According to the information that circulated on said social network, a large amount of dollars was paid to close a restaurant and have dinner together.

“I just got a call from a friend (in Missouri) and Taylor is going somewhere, and he just paid everyone who was in the restaurant to leave,” the Internet user alleged in a video that has since been deleted.

“They were eating and the waitress came up to them and said, ‘Here’s the deal.’ Everything is paid for, but you have to leave right now,’” she continued. “How crazy is this?”

Furthermore, the young man clarified: “Oh, and of course, she’s with Travis Kelce.”. According to the TikTok user’s friend, “a group of other players arrived” at the restaurant.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end left the stadium accompanied by his guest of honor Source: X @paytonsun

Taylor Swift unconditionally supports Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift has increased rumors of a possible romance with Travis Kelceafter this Sunday she surprised all her fans after being seen in the game between the Chicago Bears y Kansas City Chiefs.

The ‘Anti-hero’ singer was seen in one of the boxes at Arrowhead Stadium, along with Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, which is why rumors of a possible romance between the singer and the tight end increase.

Let us remember that Taylor Swift received this invitation to attend the Chiefs game from Travis Kelce, who has acknowledged his admiration for the singer on several occasions and it has even been rumored that they have gone out secretly in recent weeks.

The NFL did not hesitate to highlight the artist’s visit to Arrowhead Stadium, as it has shared different videos showing Taylor Swift very happy in the box and exchanging various talks with Donna.

And to make this more motivating, in the third quarter Travis Kelce made a touchdown that made Taylor Swift jump with excitement.

Taylor Swift exchanges dialogues and laughs with Donna Kelce, Travis’ mother

Travis Kelce reveals he invited Taylor Swift to see him play

Travis Kelce He was interviewed on the Pat McAfee show and as expected, he was questioned about his possible relationship with Taylor Swift. The Chiefs player did not deny that something is definitely going on between the two, but he also did not confirm anything.

The Kansas City Chiefs star player made it clear that he invited Taylor Swift to come see him play at Arrowhead Stadium.

“I told her that I had seen her play on stage in Arrowhead and that maybe she should come see me play on stage in Arrowhead… We will see what happens in the near future“said Travis Kelce, who did not miss his opinion on the rumors of his supposed romance with the artist.

“It’s funny to see how much traction this has had. I think right now it’s like that old school game, ‘Telephone,’ where everyone whispers in each other’s ears and listens to some random things…no-one really knows what what’s happening,” he said.

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