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The price of the dollar in Colombia it behaved downward at the close of the first week of 2023 (between January 2 and 6).

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After to be negotiated at 5,014 pesos, On Thursday, January 5, the currency moved away from that barrier of 5,000 pesos during this Friday the 6th.

The day opened at 4,970 pesos and closed at 4,855 pesos.

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The maximum price it reached was 4,982.35 pesos, while the lowest price of the day was 4,827.

Other values ​​that were negotiated were: 4,912.67, 4,888.95, 4,881, 4,880 and 4,843 pesos.

And the average trading price on Friday was 4,885.33 pesos, 104.25 pesos less than the Representative Market Rate (TRM) of the day, which was 4,989.58 pesos.

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With respect to average price of Monday, January 2 ($4,816), the currency did win: it closed the week at 69.33 pesos more than that figure.

The Government Financial Plan for 2023 indicates that the dollar would remain in a range between 4,700 and 4,800 pesos during the year. This linked to an average price of oil that would be at 94.2 dollars.

On the other hand, some financial projections of financial institutions for the exchange rate by the end of 2023 are: according to Bancolombia, $4.915; BBVA, $4.820; Bank of Bogota, $5.000; Citibank, $4.523, Scotiabank Colpatria, $4.750; Corficolombian, $4.648; Davivienda, $4.850; e Itau Colombia, $4.900.

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