Trudeau abolishes emergency law, the right will launch an investigation into his actions

A catastrophic backpedal? This Wednesday, February 23, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, announced the revocation of the Emergency Measures Act invoked by his government on February 14 as part of the dispersal of demonstrations and blockades undertaken by the Convoy of freedom.

« The situation is no longer an emergency “said Justin Trudeau during a press conference. ” We are convinced that the existing laws and regulations are now sufficient to ensure the safety of people. “This revocation should be effective” in the hours to come “, he said, which will officially end the state of emergency.

The decision to use this law will be subject to investigation.

Justin Trudeau also indicated that an investigation into his government’s decision to use this emergency law and the ensuing police operations would be launched over the next 60 days, announcing that the parliamentarians will set up a committee to oversee this review next week.

Conservatives denounce a power grab of the Prime Minister by using this law without legitimate reason. Monday, February 21, Canadian parliamentarians adopted the use of this emergency law by a vote of 185 against 151, the left deciding in favor of a state of emergency and the right opposing it.

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This is the second time in peacetime that Canada has resorted to such a legislative provision. Unsurprisingly, its use has sparked strong controversy and strong criticism, since it allows government institutions to freeze the bank accounts of protesters and their supporters without going through a court order or to facilitate the imprisonment of protesters. . Other criticisms arose, notably from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CLAC), which warned of the uselessness of such a law, arguing that the Freedom Convoy demonstrations did not constitute a legitimate national emergency.

“The Conservatives will demand answers”

Following the Prime Minister’s decision, the leader of the Conservative Party said in a statement: “ Today’s announcement is proof the Prime Minister was wrong when he invoked the Emergencies Act “, also emphasizing:” Nothing has changed between Monday night and today except for increased concern from Canadian citizens, negative media coverage and ridicule of Canada on the world stage. “. And to conclude: Conservatives will demand answers ».

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CLAC) announced last week that it was taking legal action against the Canadian government following the implementation of this law. The organization is currently considering pursuing this legal action. ” Even though the orders are no longer in effect, the actions of this government have nevertheless led to the establishment of a precedent, which Canadians now face “, she said in a press release.

“Trudeau backtracks and renounces his corrupt coup”

On Twitterthe leader of the young True North political party, welcomed the victory: « Your voices have been heard! We won ! Trudeau renounces his corrupt takeover and revokes the Emergencies Act! This victory is entirely due to you and your tireless efforts in the fight for this country. Long live Canadian freedom! »

For his part, Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party, considered that the true intentions of Justin Trudeau being unmasked, the latter made the choice to ” step back to avoid losing face. »

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