Trump confidants put pressure on election overseers in Georgia | message


ATLANTA (AP-AFX) – After Donald Trump’s defeat by Joe Biden in the state of Georgia in the US election, confidants of the incumbent president put pressure on the election supervisor there. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told the Washington Post on Monday that US Senator Lindsey Graham had asked him in a conversation whether he did not have the authority to throw away certain postal ballots during the ongoing rescheduling.

Graham denied the allegations and said that he only wanted to understand how the authorities would verify the signatures on the envelopes of the postal ballot papers, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Raffensperger, who is also a Republican, held on to his portrayal on Tuesday on CBS. Graham had suggested to him that the ballot papers from those districts should be thrown away in which there were particularly frequent deviations between the signatures on the envelope and those deposited with the authorities. Raffensperger had explained to Graham that the ballot papers could not be linked to the corresponding envelope afterwards, since it was ultimately a secret ballot.

The Trump confidante and Congressman Doug Collins has been accusing Raffensperger for days in connection with the election and calling him incompetent. The Trump camp has not yet recognized Biden’s election victory and speaks of massive electoral fraud for which there is no evidence.

The US state of Georgia has re-counted all presidential votes to ensure that the result is correct. So far, Biden has a lead of around 14,000 votes there. The authorities do not assume that the new count will significantly change the result./lkl/DP/fba

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