Trump offers pandemic updates

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  • President Trump spoke at his daily conference on the US coronavirus
  • Prior to the conference, Dr. Fauci gave a bleak picture for the pandemic
  • The epicenter of the pandemic is New York

President Donald Trump spoke this Sunday afternoon about progress in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

From the garden of the White House, The President announced that restrictions for the coronavirus will be extended until April 30.

“We will extend the guidelines until April 30,” said the president emphatically.

Then he said when they believe that the United States will obtain total victory over the pandemic: “By June 1 we will have good news.”

On the other hand, the president said that “on Friday the FDA approved a new Abott Laboratories test that produces results in five minutes, it is something revolutionary, I want to thank Laboratios Abott for their work, they have worked nonstop.”

Despite the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci was disappointing with his forecast for the morning, Trump was optimistic and said that “we have some of the lowest death rates because we are doing more tests.”

The president revealed that an experimental drug has been applied to 1,100 New York patients in a couple of days.

In addition, as an experimental treatment, plasma from patients who have already recovered from the coronavirus in sick patients is being used.

“Sick patients will receive transfusions that would help boost their immune systems, we will know the results soon, but the preliminary results are encouraging,” Trump said.

“We have the best people in the world,” he boasted, and “we are eager to know if we can find the cure,” he added, adding that “there are some interesting things that we are going to announce next week, but let’s see what happens.”

He also stressed that work on a coronavirus vaccine is progressing rapidly.

After explaining that the next two weeks will be crucial in the fight against the coronavirus, Trump said that this is why the restrictions would be extended until the end of April.

Deaths from coronavirus in the US could reach 100,000

The deaths in the United States from the coronavirus pandemic, which has its epicenter in New York, could reach 100,000 and the contagions could be millions, said the main government epidemiologist Anthony Fauci this Sunday.

“Looking at what we are seeing now, you know, I would say that between 100,000 and 200,000 (dead), but I don’t want to subject myself to that,” said Fauci, a member of the White House working group against the coronavirus and director of the National Institute. of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in an interview with the CNN television channel.

However, he clarified that, when projections are made about the worst and best situation that may occur in the future, in the end everything usually stays somewhere in the middle.

“When models come into play, they offer the worst and best scenario. Generally, reality remains somewhere in between – he stressed -. I have never seen a disease model with which I have dealt where the worst case scenario has occurred. (East) It always goes over the top ”.

Facing President Donald Trump’s intention to “open” the country on April 12 to mitigate the economic effects of COVID-19, Fauci has been cautious and defended the measures of “social distance” imposed in different parts of the country .

This Sunday he showed his usual caution and stressed that the lifting of the restrictions will depend on the availability of the new COVID-19 diagnostic tests, which will give results in less than fifteen minutes and which received the green light on Friday from the Food Administration and Medications (FDA) for emergency use.

“It will be a matter of weeks (the lifting of the restrictions). It will not be tomorrow and it certainly will not be next week, “stressed Fauci, who recalled that it is the virus itself that will mark the calendar.


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