“Trust GXT833: A Solid Budget Keyboard for Gamers”

2023-05-24 12:57:10

Keyboards are interesting things, really. In recent years, with working from home and all the other lovely perks of modern society, our trusty keyboard has quite possibly become our most valuable accessory. Gamers have been aware of this possibility for some time, leading to “gaming” keyboards set at premium prices, offering features like fancy lights and keys that can wake up your roommate two floors below you.

Trust’s new gaming GXT833 keyboard, though, hopes to prove that you don’t need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a keyboard to have a solid gaming experience. Currently listed on Amazon for just under £20, this TKL keyboard is pretty confusingly priced when you consider that even many ‘budget’ keyboard options are asking for at least £50+.

Of course, I thought, there must be something wrong with this matter. When I opened it from its simple box, it seemed to do just the opposite. There’s certainly nothing flashy about the GXT 833, but it’s a very solid keyboard to say the least. Simple, sleek design (minus the number pad for extra mouse movement), RGB lighting, keys with a solid feel, and more, combine in this very good budget keyboard option. I especially like the metal piece on the back of the GXT 833, it gives it a really nice heft and a more expensive and luxurious feel. There isn’t much else to do in terms of design. As I said, it’s simple stuff, but it’s in the GXT 833’s favor. I’m not a huge fan of the whole TKL design, but that’s a personal preference I’m willing to set aside on the GXT 833, which does a great job of packing a lot into this smaller keyboard format.

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I will say that I did find the buttons a little too close together at times. This means that when typing, I often make a lot of mistakes due to simple finger swipes. Over time I got used to the precise button presses required, but I think for some this might be a deal breaker, especially considering the tiny backspace button on the GXT 833, This can make it very frustrating to delete wrong entries while fumbling for the key you want. Still, pressing the keys is satisfying. They don’t cause rackets, even though I’m blasting writing, and have a pretty solid feel to them, as I mentioned before. They would be a dream if they were spaced a little better, or had more backspace.

But if you pick up this keyboard, you’ll probably be gaming on it first. So, how does it work? Again, the smaller keyspace takes some getting used to, but otherwise it works pretty well. Again, the keys are the main winner, as they’re great for gaming, with the slight exception of the space bar, which feels slightly cheap compared to the others. Given how much you use the space bar in games, this can be a problem. The shape of the left CTRL key is also different than what you’re used to, but if it’s one, that’s a minor issue.

Trust Gaming GXT 833 Taduo TKL Keyboard

For a budget option, the Trust GXT 833 is a very solid keyboard. There are a few things that prevent it from being truly perfect, but for the price you pay, it’s a solid buy. As a young gamer’s first keyboard, or simply as part of a budget build, the Trust GXT 833’s simple but effective design sets it apart from many other budget keyboards on the market. Plus, we really can’t argue with that price.

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