TUI Plane Grounded in Punta Cana: Alert Us for the Latest Updates

2023-11-26 09:27:00

Several of you have contacted us via the orange button Alert us concerning a TUI plane which was supposed to go from Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) to Brussels, but which remains grounded. Waiting to return to Belgium since Thursday, the 300 passengers are getting impatient.

“Our flight was first delayed and then canceled,” Julie (not her real name) wrote to us. Like 300 other Belgians, she was due to board a plane to return to Brussels this Thursday around 4 p.m. After several trips to the airport and several false hopes, the passengers are still stuck in Punta Cana.

“The end of the vacation turns into a nightmare,” says Julie. “My parents are stuck, my dad hasn’t had his medicine for three days,” adds Martin. “A shame,” says Lindsay.

The company’s response

We contacted Sarah Saucin, TUI spokesperson who confirms that 300 Belgians are stranded in Punta Cana because of a “plane breakdown”: “We are trying to find a solution as quickly as possible”, she says. .

If it takes time, it’s because the company has to find another plane to make the trip: “At first, we sent parts to repair the plane, unfortunately it didn’t work. We’re trying now to find a plane to bring these people back as quickly as possible.”

Until this is possible, all Belgians are rehoused by the company. “They will benefit from compensation of €600 on their return to Belgium,” the spokesperson tells us.

Among the people who contacted us, several complained about the lack of communication from TUI. Sarah Saucin says that the company “tries to communicate as best as possible”, but admits that “it’s not always easy with the time difference”.

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