“Tuition back to Lin Zhijian” kills National Taiwan University student law professor shouting: When 30%-Life-Zhongshi News Network

Lin Zhijian’s master’s degree was double killed!Writer Yan Zeya stands firm: The two universities should refund the fees.

Lin Zhijian, the former mayor of Hsinchu City of the Democratic Progressive Party, was revoked his double master’s degrees, and the writer Yan Zeya even extended the “God logic” that schools should refund fees. Li Maosheng, a professor in the Department of Law of National Taiwan University, said that he will teach “Short Matters Law” for the last time this year, and decided to be 30%. Students who choose his course should be careful!

“Some people say that if you enter National Taiwan University, if you don’t guarantee a degree after graduation, you should refund the fee, otherwise it will be a school shop.” Yan’s strange logic was soured by netizens. If there is a system of “one” or “three two”, those who want to be teachers should be careful.

When the topic changed, Li Maosheng said that the last time he taught “Juvenile Incident Handling Law” this year, the number of people waiting to enroll in the course had soared to 400. He decided to be 30%, and then patted his ass to retire. In conversion, it would be overtaken by the students who were enrolled. 100 people.

Immediately, some netizens said, “I have given back to the teacher what the teacher taught. When will I pay the tuition fee back to me?” Some netizens also believe that the school should take the responsibility of gatekeeping. If a student is caught plagiarizing a paper, the word “pheasant” will be added to the name of the university to show fairness.

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