Turkish President Erdogan’s Phone Call with US President Biden: NATO, Gaza, and Hamas Peace Talks

2023-12-15 00:34:07

Turkish President Erdogan had a phone call with US President Biden to discuss NATO and Gaza issues.

Turkish President Erdogan’s chief foreign policy and security adviser said Turkey is engaging with Hamas to achieve peace. The White House pointed out that U.S. President Biden had spoken with Erdogan to discuss strengthening NATO. (Reported by Qi Hailun)

Turkey hosted Hamas leader Haniya in July, and there were reports that Haniya was in Turkey on October 7, not in Qatar, where he usually lives. Now Turkish President Erdogan’s chief foreign policy and security adviser Kilic defended this, saying that Turkey is in contact with Hamas to achieve peace. CNN reported that Hamas members can freely enter and exit Turkey. Turkey does not consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization. For many years, senior Hamas officials have met regularly with Erdogan. Erdogan also called Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu the butcher of Gaza.

Kilic also warned Israel not to fulfill its vow to assassinate Hamas leaders abroad. He said any assassination attempt by Israel on Turkish soil was unacceptable under any circumstances. This will have serious consequences.

The White House released news that U.S. President Biden had spoken with Erdogan and discussed strengthening NATO, including the importance of welcoming Sweden as a NATO ally as soon as possible. The two also talked about the Gaza war and increasing humanitarian aid to Gaza. , and efforts to protect civilians, as well as the needs of the Palestinian people’s political vision, Biden also reiterated his support for Israel’s right to self-defense.

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