tvOS 17 is available in final version with significant new features

2023-09-18 19:41:15

Along with iOS 17, here is the final version of tvOS 17. This update introduces several important new features, which is not common for the living room operating system. tvOS 17 is compatible with all Apple TVs equipped with tvOS 16, namely Apple TV HD and all Apple TV 4K.

FaceTime on Apple TV

The most notable new feature is surely the arrival of FaceTime on Apple TV. Since the box doesn’t have a camera (yet?), you have to place your iPhone/iPad under or next to your TV to use it as a camera.

Karaoke in pictures

tvOS 17 also uses the iPhone as a camera to host Apple Music Sing: you can see yourself on the TV while you’re doing karaoke. This feature is available exclusively on the Apple TV 4K 2022.

More icons

The system interface has been revised in certain places, notably in the menus and alerts which use the same style as those of macOS. In addition, the home screen widens to accommodate 6 app icons per row instead of 5.

A sleep timer

The control center, which has also seen its interface redesigned, includes a new function: a sleep timer. Perfect if you’re used to falling asleep in front of the TV; Apple TV will automatically turn off after the amount of time you set.

Looking for the remote

With the virtual remote control of the iOS 17 control center, you can go looking for the Siri Remote lost in the house (aluminum model appearing in 2021 at least).

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Other new features

tvOS 17 also brings support for Dolby Vision 8.1 as well as an option to improve dialogues when the Apple TV is associated with a HomePod 2. The management of third-party VPNs is in theory another important new feature of the system, but we is still awaiting concrete announcements in this area.

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