two days of celebration for a growing sector

2023-10-02 08:01:00

FIT Latin America said big on the welcome sign and on each side, there was a sign from Italy and another from Bariloche. Passing the arch, the blue carpet led to a real party. The International Tourism Fair held its 27th edition from Saturday to yesterday on the premises of the Rural Society of Buenos Aires. They were two days full of color with hallways full of people, with music, flavors, tradition and a lot of noise.

Upon entering the impact was great, 1,400 stands, 45 countries, 23 provinces, regions and national citiesin addition to travel agencies, airlines.

At that festival, Patagonia had a special place. It all started on Friday when the Argentine Tourist Trains (TTA) presented their brand and promotional actions for 2024. In the picturesque JW Bradley railway theme bar, representatives of the Train to the Clouds of Salta; the Río Negro Patagonian Train; The Old Patagonian Express La Trochita de Chubut and the Train to the End of the World in Tierra del Fuego They showed the union of the country’s iconic walks.

He Saturday at noon, the Minister of Tourism Matías Lammens, the president of the Fair, Andrés Deyá, among others, participated in the opening of the fair; the representative of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Ion Vilcu; the advisor to the Minister of Tourism of Italy, Gianluca Caramanna.
All of them highlighted the good moment that the sector is experiencing worldwide and especially nationally.

“The sector One of the most critical moments in history in the pandemic happened and we worked together with the governments of each province and the businessmen of Argentina, pillars of the success model that we achieved and that the world recognizes. The bar is set high for whoever comes,” he said.

In the national pavilion like every year, the Ente Patagonia brought together the stands of Neuquén, Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. People passed by and talked with representatives of the Río Negro valleys, who showed the salamines and sweets that are made in their farms.

Further along, behind a sign that said Tolhuin, a woman displayed a small statue hand-carved by the Selk’nam, an indigenous people who inhabited a large part of Tierra del Fuego. At the Neuquén stand, there was San Martín de los Andes, Traful, represented by the Cepn 91 students who proudly highlighted that their town “is one of the candidates to be the most beautiful in the world.”

In the auditoriums, a wide range of talks, exhibitions and training sessions were presented that showed different tourist spots in the country and the world. Some of the places to visit in Río Negro and Neuquén passed through there.

“El Bolsón presented the destination in its four seasons and we also accompanied the other four regions that the province has: sea, valleys, steppe and mountain range,” said the Secretary of Tourism of Río Negro, María José Diomedi. Dina Huapi also performed, Juan Izaguirre cooked live and the Río Negro wine paths were shown.

In the case of Neuquén, he presented the history of the Vía Christi of Junín de los Andes with the help of Alicia Ruiz and the sculptor Alejandro Santana, the wine route, today he will present Termas de Copahue and also Damián and Ariel from Rumbo Norte invited him for a walk by the northe Neuquén, to climb the Domuyo that begins in November, or go to experience a herding and transhumance. “It is the first year that we present it, it is an activity that is done twice a year, for summer and winter,” said Ariel.

In the pentagon formed by the Patagonian stands there were penguins, whales on the screens, a scary dinosaur in the hands of a provider from Punta Tombo Chubut. A woman from Santa Cruz gave a Buenos Aires man some bags of ñire leaves and explained to him the benefits of this southern tea, and everything merged into flavors and landscapes.

Thousands of people They toured the entire place and suddenly a Correntina troupe filled the place with feathers and rhythm. Beyond Los Palmeras sang from above and people danced. Jorge Formento’s voice took hundreds of people to the legendary television contest for a graduate trip. And as he approached, there he was, microphone in hand, in charge of a question and answer ping pong to give away a trip.

Some came to see, others to buy their next vacation at the fair with offers and packages. Each province brought its best chefs to cook traditional recipes from their place, with local products. And to combine at the Argentina Tierra de vinos stand, which this year brought together tourist offers related to the great national drink, there were some tastings.

Several governors participated in the opening, among them, the governor of Neuquén Omar Gutiérrez. When touring the premises he assured that “the fair surpasses last year’s, with 15% more exhibitors, with a great international hierarchy. and it is a way to congratulate the tourism actors who allow economic and social development and the creation of jobs.”

On the international stands side, there was also a proposal for pure fun. Traditional music and dances As a hallmark of this 2023, Italy was the invited country for being one of the destinations with which Argentina It has greater tourist exchange and with which there is a strong cultural and tradition union.

Strategic location: “Bariloche is the country’s first destination”

Upon entering the premises, the first stand was that of Bariloche. There 20 private companies linked to tourism showed their proposals along with the entire public sector. The Secretary of Tourism Gastón Burlón highlighted that they should give it a place with its own presence, due to the importance it has in the country and internationally.

“It is the destination with the most air connectivity, the most chosen in all the editions of Previaje, people look for it a lot, It is the most in demand, that is why we look for this strategic place at the entrance door,” he said in a pause between the multiple meetings with representatives of the sector.

Next to him, several visitors were queuing to participate in the raffles while others settled in the boxes. One of the informants from an exclusive hotel commented that the majority came to ask questions but also to request quotes for their next vacation.

One of the objectives of Bariloche was the pre-launch of the summer season, so all the images and communication focuses were placed there. Burlón highlighted that the city continues to have a very good level of reserves.

“In October There is already an average of almost 90% occupancy and taking into account that there are 90 thousand beds available, there is a large number of tourists who visit it. We are closing a deal and leaving the city at the top,” said Burlón and added that it was a team effort by the Emprotur Tourism Secretariat.

FIT will open its doors today starting at 10 to receive exclusively professionals in the sector.

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