Two jurors out of Trump trial

One of the jurors appointed in the bribery case against Donald Trump was allowed to withdraw on Thursday because she believed that her identity could have become known.

The juror told the court she felt threatened because of this.

She said that family members, friends and colleagues had contacted her after they had seen information in the media and managed to guess that it must be her who had been selected.

– I don’t believe now that I can be fair and impartial, and not let outside influences influence my decisions in the courtroom, said the person. The judge then accepted her resignation.

The judge then ordered the journalists in the trial not to reproduce information about where the jurors work.

Sometime later in the court session, it became clear that a second juror had been removed from the jury. The reason was that the prosecution raised doubts about how correct the answers the person had given in the questioning were.

Thus, the difficult jury selection in the case has taken a step back. After seven jury members had been selected, there are now five left. A further seven must be selected, as well as five deputy members of the jury.

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2024-04-19 17:52:34

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