Economy Two million customers have moved to the free electric...

Two million customers have moved to the free electric market in the last three years


Most electricity consumers can choose between two rate modalities: the regulated one, called Voluntary Price to the Small Consumer (PVPC) and those offered by free market, where users agree on the price at which they pay the supply with the marketer of their choice. This second option is preferred by more and more clients, since in the last three years two million They have left the PVPC to enter the free market. A space that continues to be dominated by large electricity groups, although they are gradually losing customers in favor of independent companies, as stated in the 'Monitoring report of marketer changes' that elaborates the National Commission of Markets and Competition.

At the end of last March the electricity market was composed of almost30 million supply points (29.4, specifically), of which 11.2 million (38%) bought electricity from a reference marketer. That is, they were under the umbrella of the regulated rate. The rest (18.2 million, 62%) received the supply through a free market marketer, which year after year fattens its customer base. Two million in the last three years.

Of those new supply points, the five major marketing groups (Iberdrola, Endesa, Naturgy, EDP and Repson, before Viesgo) were left with a million. The rest – the other half – went to independent marketers, which already they have 14.1% of supplies. Three years before they gave birth to 9.6%, so in this period they have managed to scratch five percentage points of market share to the major players in the system. The biggest role of small marketers is especially noticeable in the SME segment, where it supplies 33% of the points, and in the industrial (28.4%). By cons, the market of domestic consumers (with contracted power of less than 15 kilowatts) it is still dominated by the big five, which account for 86.9%.

The CNMC report also analyzes the annual switching rate (change of company) both in the sector electric like that of gas. In the first case it reached 10.5%while in the gas barely reached 8% (7.9%). During the first quarter of the year 761,431 subscribers decided to change of electricity trading company. Most of these transfers (58.8%) occurred among free market marketers. Almost one in four said there from the regulated rate, while only 16.4% went the reverse way: they went from PVPC to the free market. However, the majority of customers who decide to abandon the regulated rate do not do so despite the reference marketer with whom they have contracted the service, since they end up in another of the same business group (70.2%).

As for the gas sector, registry 137,646 changes of company, which represents a significant year-on-year fall of 42.6%. In this segment, marketer changes prevailed among free market companies (81.8%), and only 12.4% arrived there from the regulated market. The reason is that the vast majority – higher than the percentages of the electricity sector – of natural gas users (80%) have contracted supply in the free market.

The great dominators of the electricity market

He free electric market, composed by 18,252,696 points supply, is led by Iberdrola, with a share of 36.9%, followed by Endesa (29.7%), Naturgy (12.1%) and EDP (5.1%), Fifth place Repsol, with 2.8%. The group chaired by Ignacio Galán dominates all market segments, but especially the largest, domestic, with seven percentage points above Endesa.

If we talk about market set (both regulated and free, which add up to 29,441,065 points of supply) the position of leader holds it Endesa with 35.4% of the total, one percentage point more than Iberdrola. Far away is the third big company, Naturgy, which supplies 15.1% of the points.

He gas market is dominated by Naturgy, with more than half of the 7.9 million supply points. Endesa is the second company with the most clients (19.6%), followed by Iberdrola (13.1%) and EDP (11.4%).

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