U.S. McDonald’s Employee Shot Over Cold Fries Dies

A restaurant employee McDonald’s not Brooklyn (New York) died this Friday after a man shot him last Monday during a dispute over some cold friesaccording to the authorities.

Matthew Webb, 23, was shot in the neck of Michael Morgan, 20, who had been charged with attempted murder and weapons possession in a case that will now be treated as a homicide, police told the media.

The dispute that turned deadly took place on Monday, when Morgan’s mother, who had ordered food from the establishment, went to complain that her fries were cold while making a video call with his son.

Morgan allegedly saw that the employees laughed at his mother and went to McDonald’s, where he began to argue with Webb and the fight escalated to the point of moving to the doors of the restaurant, collects the local newspaper The New York Post.

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Out on the street, Morgan punched Webb in the face and then shot him in the neck, which left the young man brain deadaccording to the authorities.

The aggressor, who had a criminal history with more than a dozen arrestsbe charged with manslaughter, as prosecutors anticipated to a judge Thursday even before Webb’s death.

The story does not end there, since Morgan confessed to the police an unsolved murder and was accused of the death of a 28-year-old man that took place in 2020 in the restaurant area, according to the ABC7 channel.

In recent months there have been other cases of violence against employees of the fast food chain in New York: a stabbing by a customer last May and a murder during an armed robbery in January, both in the Harlem neighborhood.

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