U60 husband still asks his wife to “afternoon” 3 times a week to maintain marriage, making his wife not dare to go home

Uncle Cong is her fourth husband. After her first husband died of illness, Ms. Xanh lived with her daughter.

When her daughter grew up, she found her soul mate, so she married someone who lived in another province. That man didn’t want to leave his hometown to work elsewhere, so the two stayed apart.

Daughter does not want to see her mother living alone, her husband should and should not convince her to find another husband. Under her daughter’s persuasion, Ms. Xanh started looking for another suitable life partner.

But it is very difficult to find the right person, especially when you are remarried. There are many things to consider on the road to remarriage, you need to think not only about yourself but also take care of other things, family and children.

When she met her next husband, she didn’t think it was too bad, but when she got married, she realized that the living habits of the two did not match. Ms. Xanh broke up again in peace, ending the marriage for only 3 months.

Until her fourth husband, Ms. Xanh got to know her by swiping a dating app. Uncle Cong, her fourth husband, works in an import-export company, the daily work is quite hard.

Ms. Xanh is my uncle’s second wife. Before that, he was married, but his ex-wife is a very hot-tempered person, they often quarrel over trifles, sometimes they even have upper legs and lower forearms.

After many years of tiring life together, the two finally decided to divorce to be alone in the late afternoon. Uncle Cong’s ex-wife immediately found a new one after the divorce. Seeing that his wife had found a good match, Uncle Cong felt that he was inferior to his ex-wife, so he immediately looked for someone to marry. He swiped the dating app and met Ms. Xanh, felt that it was a good match, so he made an appointment.

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Because they are both old and single, as long as they have similar conditions and have serious intentions, they find it easy to accept each other. The aunt and uncle decided to get married, thinking that she had found the right person.

At first, they all hoped to find someone to warm themselves, supplement each other’s advantages and disadvantages, and hope to have someone to take care of and accompany them to old age. But life after marriage is not as expected.

Uncle Cong wants a woman to take care of him, because his job is hard and he comes home late every day. He hopes for a wife who can cook for him and bring warmth to his family. However, every day when he returned, he realized that she was not at home, the kitchen was cold, the house was messy and no one cleaned it, just like when he was not married.

It turned out that Ms. Xanh was looking for a part-time job at night. She said: “It is very difficult for my daughter to get married far away, but he (Uncle Cong) does not give me money, I have to work part-time to be able to support my daughter and make her life less miserable.”

Listening to his wife’s explanation, Uncle Cong still did not agree to divorce. At this time, she knelt down crying and begged her husband not to torture her anymore when she exclaimed: “The young couple is not even that bad!”.

After 3 generations, the husband still cried when he met the fourth person because of a difficult thing to say - Photo 1.

She could not stand the blood and fire of her husband every night (Artwork: Getty Images).

It turns out that Uncle Cong is 59 years old, but he is still very much obsessed with married life and often asks for love. At this age, he is still in good health, with a strong body like a young man, so she can’t stand the blood and fire of her husband every night.

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Difficult daughter is part of it, but this is the biggest reason why Ms. Xanh has to apply to work the night shift. Because his wife did not respond, Uncle Cong did not want this marriage anymore.

The truth is finally revealed.

After four husbands, she didn’t want another divorce, so she didn’t want to give up. Under the mediation of a friend who went to meet her uncle, the two agreed to continue living together, making more efforts to be at peace and harmony with each other.

Uncle will provide her with an additional 8 million monthly living expenses, while she cooks and spends her time at home cleaning, trying to meet her husband’s needs at least 3 times a week to maintain the marriage.

The core of marriage is the joint effort of both husband and wife, one hand does not make a sound, just one person’s efforts in a marriage is not enough. Both aunts and uncles are hard-working people and long for a peaceful destination at the end of their lives after each bump, so they both want to try again, adjust to get along with each other.

As husband and wife, it is not a relationship that is only confirmed on the marriage certificate. It is a close, serious relationship in which the two sides stand on the other’s position to think about the problem, try to understand each other’s difficulties, to partially let go of their own stubbornness. Each person is ready to make certain concessions to the other, the dawn of happiness will come.

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