UABC medical students will stay in the United States

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A total of 18 students from the UABC Mexicali campus School of Medicine and the UABC Ensenada campus School of Health Sciences were selected for an academic stay at health institutions in the United States.

David Guadalupe Toledo Sarracino, general coordinator of Academic Liaison and Cooperation at UABC, explained that the students were selected after participating in the Virtual Telehealth Stay 2022-1 call.

He indicated that the objective is to incorporate international learning experiences into the student, through remote training in medicine in English and with value in credits, which have an impact on the best medical practices, as well as on multicultural enrichment and cultural values. of student.

Toledo Sarracino recalled that Telehealth allows the doctor to provide care without having the patient visit the office; it is done primarily online with internet access via computer, tablet or smartphone.

He mentioned that during the June-July period full-time stays will be carried out in US clinics and hospitals with specialties in plastic surgery, pediatrics, general surgery, neurology, psychiatry and internal medicine, among others.

The call was achieved thanks to the agreement established with AMOpportunities, a consortium that offers advantages and benefits to students who study in health careers.

Interned in the US
AMOpportunities has a registry of 250 hospitals and clinics where UABC students can complete an internship abroad or participate in a virtual or face-to-face teaching program.

He pointed out that this is the fourth time that the call is issued in which some students who meet certain requirements can obtain a scholarship of between 2,500 and 3,000 dollars, depending on the specialty they wish to study, to carry out the stay.

Finally, he added that there will be a call for a Virtual Telehealth Stay in the 2022-2 school year, to carry out the exchange in December of this year, for which he invited interested students to keep an eye on the publication.

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