UK Government Action: India Included in List of Safe States to Speed up Return of Illegal Arrivals

2023-11-09 18:28:55

London: To include India in the list of safe states The British government with this action. Speeding up the return of people arriving in Britain illegally The action is to eliminate the opportunity to seek asylum.

Joe with India in the draft bill presented in the Parliament last day. India is also in the list of safe states. False opportunism to strengthen state constitution To prevent the misuse of illegal immigrants, the law The UK Home Office has announced that it will learn. Dangerous from constitutionally secure states People came to Britain through illegal means. Secretary of the Interior Suvella Braver says that the search for Yum will end. N said. Extension of list to deport those who do not have the right to enter the state Getting close will help.

Force that illegal arrivals cannot continue in the state He added that this is a good message.

refugees through the English channel in a dangerous manner Traction to prevent boats carrying Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had announced that he would accept Tapati. After this, the Ministry of Home Affairs with strong measures came to the scene. Georgia from India despite no possibility of torture The arrival of small boats from this year has increased over the last year. The ministry made it clear.

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