Ukraine beats 120+1!! The backup spear hits Sweden 10 men defeat England 8 Euro team

Extra-time injury drama after Artem Dovebic, a substitute spearhead, put on a heroic goal in the 120+1 minute for Ukraine to beat Sweden 2-1, with the remaining 10 men, 2-1 to grab a ticket through to play. In the quarter-finals, they face England in the Euro 2020 round of 16 on Tuesday night.

Venue: Hampden Park, Glasgow (Scotland)

In the Euro 2020 round of 16, on Tuesday 29 June, Sweden, who qualified as Group E winners, face Ukraine, who qualified for the rounds as one of the four best third-placed teams from Group C. The winner will face England in the quarter-finals.

Vikings boss Yanne Andersson still uses the same players as the main line. But the offensive line changed from Robin Quayson to Dejan Kulusevski, matching the net with Alexander Izak, Andrei Shevchenko’s Ukrainian army, arranged a trio of offensive line as Andrei Yarmolenko, Roman Yaremchuk, Mikola Chaparenko.

Opening the first half, 7 minutes, the Vikings had a chance to win from the moment that Emile Forsberg hit the block before the first stroke. Before the ball came into the way, Dejan Kuluseski was still attached to Taras Stefanenko, leaving behind.

In 10 minutes, Ukraine turned up a bit from the rhythm that Mikola Chaparenko went solo for more than half the field before smashing out of the box after exhausting his hopes.

But a minute later, Shevchenko’s men narrowly took the lead from the coordination between Roman Yaremchuk, stabbing Andrei Yarmolenko before Yarmolenko broke it back for Yare. Mchuk beats Robin Olsen to save

In the 19th minute it was a chance for the Swedish army. Dejan Kuluseski was broken into the box. Alexander Isaac spun with the ball on the right and pounced on the far post.

In the 27th minute, it became Ukraine to break the goal up to lead 1-0 from the moment that Andrei Yarmolenko dropped the Koi side to the far post. Oleksandr Zinchenko ran for a volley without touching the ball, blasting through Robin Olsen’s save and hitting the net beautifully.

29 min: The Vikings had a chance to equalize after a free-kick in front of the box before Sebastian Larsson spun over the wall but not out of reach of Georgie Bushchan.

32 minutes, Ukraine almost got the second seed. The ball from the free-kick opened in. Albin Ekdal cleared the ball in the direction of Andre Yarmolenko, resting with his chest before narrowly throwing the crossbar.

At the end of the first half, 43 minutes, Sweden came to claim the goal to equalize 1-1, succeeded from the moment that Alexander Izak flowed for Emil Forsberg to smash out of the box, full ball, ricocheting into Sabanyi’s legs. Before passing through Georgie Bushchan’s hand, it was the fourth goal of a shooting star from RB. Leipzig in this Euro

The first half ends, Sweden draws with Ukraine 1-1.

Came back to play in the second half, 52 minutes, Forsberg flowed into the middle for Sebastian Larsson, the captain of the team to set up a fortress far out of the box, but the ball threw the first post out unfortunately.

55 minutes Ukraine lost the lead again after Yarmolenko broke back for Sergei Sidorchuk to spin with the ball on the right, about to squeeze in, but hit the post behind him.

But a minute later, the Vikings almost overtook and took the lead. Alexander Isaac took the ball up and flagged off the left for Emil Forsberg to run and spin the ball into the base of the post, unfortunately.

67 minutes Dejan Kulusevski dragged into the frame before spinning with the left ball going under the crossbar, but not through the hand of George Bush, who narrowly brushed off after.

Two minutes later, Victor Lindelof brought the ball up himself before the sign left Emile Forsberg to drag it into the frame before turning an unfortunate curve into the crossbar.

After 90 minutes, it’s still tied 1-1. We have to add 30 minutes of extra time to find the winner to fight England in the quarter-finals.

In 98 minutes, the Vikings must have only 10 men left after Marcus Danielson was sent off from the field after smashing into a button on the knee of substitute Artem Besedine who had just come down. Before referred to unable to play, Victor Sikankov must come down to play instead.

Despite Ukraine’s strong attack after gaining advantage over the players, they still can’t do anything. Entering extra-time in the second half, Andrei Yarmolenko can’t continue playing. “Cheva” has to replace the last person to take Artem Dovbuk to play instead.

The game pretends to have to win the penalty shootout. But then the injury time, 120+1 minutes, Ukraine came to the goal to overtake the lead behind. Oleksandr Zinchenko crossed the ball to the first post for Artem Dovebic to bounce the ball into the net. The Czech VAR referee was not offside to confirm the goal.

A few moments later, the referee sounded the end of the game as Ukraine defeated Sweden 2-1 in extra time after a 1-1 draw after 90 minutes, progressing to the quarter-finals against England.

List of players for both teams

Sweden (4-4-2) : Robin Olsen – Mikael Lustic (Emil Krafth, 83), Victor Lindelof, Marcus Danielson (red card 99) , Ludwig Augustinsson (Pierre Bengtsson, 83) – Sebastian Larsson (Victor Cresson, 97), Christopher Old Sson (Philip Helen 101), Albin Eckdal, Emil Forsberg – Dejan Kulusevski (Robin Kwaison 97) , Alexander Isaac (Markus Berg 97)

Trainer: Yanne Andersson

Ukraine (4-3-3) : Georgie Bushchan – Oleksandr Karavayev, Eliya Zabarnyi, Sergey Kryftsov, Mikola Matviyenko (Ruslan Malin Avsky 61) – Sergei Sidorchuk, Taras Stefanenko (Yevhen Makarenko, 95), Oleksandr Zin Chenko – Andrei Yarmolenko (Artem Dovbic 105), Roman Yaremchuk (Artem Besedin 95 (Victor Zigankov) .101), Micola Chaparenko

Trainer: Andrei Shevchenko

Referee: Daniele Orzato (Italy).

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