Ukraine striker to replace Portuguese league What happened next … VIDEO | Benfica’s Ukrainian striker came as substitute see what happened next in viral video

Lisbon: The football world is united in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As the country struggles against occupation, so does the support of Ukrainian footballers, who play in various professional football leagues.

Ukraine’s Roman Yamchuk bursts into tears as he stands as a substitute in Sunday’s Premier League match against Vitoria SC. Despite not making the playing XI, the team also awarded a captain’s armband to the player who came on in the 62nd minute of the match.

Roman could not hold back tears as the crowd applauded in support of Ukraine. Benfica won the match 3-0 at the Estadio da Las. Darwin Nouns scored two and Gonzalo Ramos scored one.

Several European countries, including England, Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic, have made it clear that they will not play football against Russia.

FIFA has called for sanctions and sanctions against Russia in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine. FIFA has warned that the team could be expelled from the tournament if conditions in Ukraine do not improve. FIFA bans Russian flag and national anthem He has also been banned from playing in international football matches under the name Russia. Participate in competitions under the name ‘Football Union of Russia’.

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