Ukraine’s President: Attempting to take back Crimea from Russia will cause thousands of casualties

Volodymyr said ZelenskyThe President of Ukraine said that the attempt to retake Crimea from Russia will cause thousands of casualties, adding: Our forces are making great progress in Kharkiv, according to urgent news broadcast by Al-Arabiya TV a short time ago.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that two people, including a child, were killed and 10 others were wounded, as a result of the bombing of the Ukrainian forces on the Kherson province.

“Ukrainian nationalists targeted the town of Bella Zurka in Kherson province with Uragan missile launchers carrying cluster shells, which led to deaths and injuries and the demolition of about 10 homes,” the ministry said in a statement reported by Russia Today.

In the Donetsk Republic, the authorities revealed the killing of two civilians and the injury of others as a result of Ukrainian shelling on 13 towns in the republic during the last hours.

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