Unauthorized Urbex Visit Accident at Ougrée Blast Furnace B: Rescue and Recovery

2023-12-31 11:30:00

Around 5:20 p.m. on Saturday, a young woman climbed Blast Furnace B in Ougrée, in the commune of Seraing. The site, secure and closed to the public, is regularly subject to unauthorized visits, particularly from urbex enthusiasts, an activity consisting of visiting places, abandoned or not, generally inaccessible, hidden or difficult.

While the young woman, who was engaged in this practice, was climbing the HFB, she fell and crashed onto a platform below, itself located a few meters high. Firefighters responded to the scene, helped by the GRIMP team, the Reconnaissance and Intervention Group in Dangerous Environments.

The Ougrée HFB blast furnace. ©MICHEL TONNEAU

To bring the victim down, they created a zip line to accompany the young woman to the bottom in a basket. Treated by paramedics, the young woman was taken to hospital with a life-threatening condition.

On Sunday noon, we learned from the City of Seraing that his life would no longer be in danger and that his state of health had stabilized.

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