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Losing weight is a protracted battle. Everyone’s goals are different. Some people want to be more confident, some want to look good, and more are determined to lose weight for the sake of health. Recently, a man in China shared his weight loss experience on the Internet. He insisted on uploading a video of his exercise check-in. After more than 3 months, he lost nearly 30 kilograms. turning 20 years old.”

Recently, a man from Hebei, China shared his experience of losing weight on the Internet. He originally weighed 92.5 kg. He said that his usual life is to eat and drink or lie down all the time. He has no habit of exercising. Over time, he developed a big belly. He also laughed at himself “everyone brings their own swimming ring when they go to sea”. This kind of living habit also gave him a red light for his health. After a health check, he found not only the “three highs”, lumbar disc herniation, but also high uric acid. Therefore, the doctor strongly advised him to lose weight.

The man continues to upload videos of skipping rope to record his weight loss life. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

In order to improve his health, the man began to insist on skipping rope and uploaded the documentary video to the Internet, urging himself not to be lazy. But in the past, he had no habit of exercising, and it was always difficult at the beginning. His heavy body not only tripped his feet when skipping rope, but also couldn’t last for too long. He said, “Since you have made a choice, you have to stick to it.” After gradually increasing the exercise intensity , lost 7 kg in the first month, and he also admitted that he “slowly liked the feeling of sweating”, and successfully lost 65 kg in the last 3 months.

After losing nearly 30 kilograms, he got rid of his belly, and his body looks much better. The traffic of the documentary video has also exploded. Many netizens have left messages after watching it, “My temperament has improved instantly! I really can’t hold on to exercising”, ” Why do other people look so handsome when they lose weight”, “You look a lot younger when you lose weight, and you look a lot younger”, “Inspirational stories happen from others”, “People really become confident when they lose weight” , “The secret of immortality is only fitness.”

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